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The use of supply chain automation by healthcare providers is on the rise, but each new solution comes with its own managing software. As the hospital IT infrastructure becomes ever more complex, there is an increase in siloed data.

In this blog you will learn how:

  • The future of optimized healthcare inventory management is via the collection of full and accurate item data.
  • Tracking healthcare inventory can now take place under a single cloud software solution.
  • Getting the most out of supply chain data requires it to be shared with hospital systems and supply chain partners.
  • Technology to optimize hospital inventory management.

Cloud based supply chain management made easy 

Healthcare providers are discovering that solving supply chain inefficiencies with digital solutions is not the quick fix they were looking for.

When looking to improve the management of their medical inventory, healthcare providers have a wide range of automated tracking and management systems to choose from. The problem is that as organizations look to grow the range of technology they use; they are adding additional software, and yet more data silos, into their systems.

It’s time to take a holistic view and make it easier for health systems, hospitals and ambulatory care providers to introduce supply chain automation, while laying the groundwork for the addition of further tools over time.

It’s always important to see the bigger picture and have long term vision when introducing new technology. It’s not just about meeting current goals; it’s about anticipating what you may need further down the line and future-proofing new technology right from the start.

It’s good news then, that healthcare organizations can now simplify the management of supply chain data in a central cloud platform.

IDENTI’s centralized cloud inventory solution

IDENTI is revolutionizing the healthcare inventory management with a comprehensive solution that includes several technologies housed in a single cloud.

IDENTI is the only company in the world providing a centralized management solution that enables hospitals to improve their:


IDENTI Medical inventory management solutions
IDENTI Medical inventory management solutions


Each of these data collection devices solves a specific inventory management issue, yet all are housed under a shared AI cloud platform.


Having a central platform provides users with a single system for reporting on

 data captured across all devices, in all hospital settings.


It’s the combination of cutting-edge data sensing solutions and sophisticated AI and ML software that significantly improves the quality and quantity of data captured, and feeds highly accurate data to hospital IT systems.

Benefits of a centralized management system

It’s a challenging time for healthcare organizations, as they struggle to manage the complex medical supply chain and battle high inflation, increased costs and staff shortages.

Yet despite these challenges there are opportunities too.

The healthcare sector runs on data. When organizations optimize the quality and quantity of their supply chain data, they are able to make more informed management decisions that improve performance.

Management decisions are only as good as the information that they are based on. Incomplete data, inaccurate information and partial vision are barriers to gaining a clear picture of inventory.

When full vision is achieved managers can identify areas of inefficiency and wastage.

Areas for improvement may include:

  • Streamlining complex workflows that take nurses away from patient care
  • Tacking a bloated inventory, including surplus stock and obsolete items
  • Reducing high levels of inventory wastage
  • Working to reduce variation in physician preferred items (PPI)
  • Capturing more accurate medical surgical supply chain data
  • Improving revenue cycle integrity – dealing with issues such as charge capture leakage
  • Addressing non-compliance and patient safety risks


When precise data is available, it provides managers with clear, real-time inventory visibility. This valuable data is a supply chain optimizer that can pinpoint problem areas, ensuring the organization can improve efficiency and reap real business benefits.

IDENTI Platform - meaningful management data
IDENTI Platform – meaningful management data for hospital inventory management


The IDENTI Platform

The IDENTI cloud inventory platform uses AI and machine learning technology. It powers all of IDENTI’s hospital inventory management solutions.

There are FIVE major benefits that the IDENTI Platform provides:

  1. Data Sensing: It collects and analyses hospital inventory data collected from multiple solutions across different hospital settings.
  2. Data Identification: The Platform accesses a global manufacturers’ product list and a recall database for item data management – automating item identification and checking – a task that previously sat heavily on nurses’ shoulders. This process ensures:
  3. Data Analysis: All the data collected is converted into user-friendly management information – healthcare supply chain metrics, reports and analytics. The system generates:
    • recall and expiring item alerts
    • real time stock level metrics
    • inventory reports, such as order to pick, inventory turns
    • automatic replenishment requisitions
    • product usage data
  4. Data Sharing (Internal): The IDENTI Platform provides easy integration with existing hospital systems such as the ERP, EMR, MMIS, complementing the organization’s existing suite of software. All item information captured that is not already on the hospital’s Item Master, or is listed but contains data errors or omissions, is shared, so that the hospital can achieve perpetual maintenance and management of the item master.
  5. Data Sharing (External): The IDENTI Platform can connect to suppliers’ ERPs for complete transparency and improved synergy.


IDENTI Medical uses a single software system to manage a range of cutting-edge inventory tracking solutions.

The combination of cutting-edge hardware, sophisticated software and data sharing capabilities is a unique offering from IDENTI and a vital component to drive through business improvements in the healthcare setting.

See our infographic on this topic.

Contact us to discuss how a single-cloud solution could benefit your healthcare organization.


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