RFID smart cabinet for operating rooms- demo

RFID smart cabinet for full implant tracking

In this one-minute video short, our partner Gary Moe, President & CEO at our partner, ID Integration, gives a live demo of TotalSense, showing how the technology automatically tracks every single item in the cabinet.

Gary demonstrates the ease and speed of having real time visibility of high value medical devices, tissue and implants when using the IDENTI UHF RFID smart cabinet in clinical areas.

Watch this video to see how the solution:

  • Let’s nurses ‘grab and go’ with no need to manually log or scan removed items.
  • How advanced RFID technology keeps a constant eye on stock levels and provides real-time visibility.
  • Gives nurses and managers complete peace of mind.


Demo of RFID automated smart cabinet for medical devices and implants

Check out TotalSense in action:



The benefits of automated implant management in OR and procedural rooms

Automated implant tracking benefits both nurses and managers alike. Our automated smart cabinets are adding precision to implant management in healthcare – and tracking implants from supplier to the point of use.

Let’s see how TotalSense provides value for the whole team:


Ease of use: Nursing staff can use the app to see the exact location of every item. No more running to other departments, hunting down missing items.


Safety: The system proactively manages expiry by flagging up all items that are due to expire in the coming months. This empowers nurses to prioritize the soonest to expire items for earliest usage in surgeries and ensures the effective rotation of stock, preventing items from expiring on the shelves. Many hospital and ambulatory care providers suffer from high wastage costs due to poor expiry management, so finally they have a way to take back control and reduce their wastage costs. The bottom line, always, is the patients, who have added protection against unsafe products making it into surgery.


Versatility: The cabinets can be configured with different shelves, hooks, hanging space etc. to suit different types, shapes and sizes of stock. This ensures suitability for all clinical settings – whether the cabinet is required in an operating room (OR), a cath lab, or an orthopedic room.


Partnership: TotalSense can be used to manage owned stock or consigned inventory. Whichever type of stock is managed, the system gives access to all key supply chain partners, so everyone has shared vision.


Data: Real-time, accurate inventory data helps providers to achieve demand-lead procurement and make data-driven decisions. It’s just the smart way of working.


Total Sense at HVLC ensured full stock visibility and control.
Total Sense at HVLC ensured full stock visibility and control.

Nurse feedback on TotalSense RFID cabinet

Let’s hear from the frontline how nursing and management value the TotalSense RFID cabinet.

“Once the smart cabinets were installed at the Cath-lab, all of our inventory difficulties were eliminated right from the first month.”

“… the system enabled me to deal more with my team, my patients and my medical work, and not to run after administrative tasks, logistics and supplier disputes.

“The hospital has reduced the cost of excess inventory by between $2-3 Million.”


See a case study on TotalSense.


Driven by UHF RFID technology and powered by AI software to guarantee comprehensive implant data collection, TotalSense ensures every item is visible and controlled in operating rooms and procedural areas.

The automated smart cabinet system provides detailed inventory data and also generates metrics and reports to help day-to-day supply chain management run smoothly. They system also provides data analytics to support forward planning and ensure managers are kept informed. and can make smarter decisions.

Ensure your clinical areas have a safe, secure and efficient way of managing high-cost medical devices and implants.

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