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Next Generation Implant Tracking

Automated inventory management

The perfect bundle for procedural areas

Enjoy the simplicity and precision of solutions powered by AI, machine learning, RFID and image recognition technology.

Optimize surgical utilization and revenue capture with effortless documentation of the full range of items you use in surgery, straight to the EHR.


Point of use utilization data

When OR usage documentation is simplified, nurses can record accurate consumption data in the patient file before the end of surgery.

Our advanced Snap&Go data sensing technology and global SKU database ensure the same, swift and thorough documentation – whether it’s a product from stock, or a bill-only item delivered straight to the procedure room.

Speed doesn’t compromise quality – the powerful combination of computer vision, advanced AI algorithms, and a global, virtual Item Master ensure comprehensive data collection, including full UDI, SKU/lot/batch, and expiry date – no additional keying in required.

24/7 item-level tracking

Our UHF-RFID TotalSense smart cabinet constantly monitors your inventory, providing real-time item-level tracking, plus metrics, reports and data insights.

Full inventory vision supports easy item location and effective expiry management. Automated inventory management and data analytics ensure timely restocks, so that all products are readily available when needed.

Storing inventory on the shelves? No problem, our mobile hand scanner transforms your storeroom into a virtual cabinet – delivering the same digital data that you need to optimize inventory management.

100% transparency from enrollment through billing with image recognition and RFID technologies

Procedural Areas in Hospitals | IDENTI Medical

Understanding your challenges

ONE solution to optimize
implant tracking, patient safety & charge capture

Procedural areas handle a broad spectrum of inventory supplied by different manufacturers, offering diverse types and sizes of implants and medical supplies, many of which are high-value. With supplies directly arriving at the surgical suite, the hospital must manage a mix of bought-stock and consignment inventory. During surgery, the decision about which implants to use lies solely with the physician. Inventory management in these areas is primarily overseen by the nursing team, with little or no involvement from the supply chain department. 

Ineffectively managed implant inventory often leads to several challenges within the department. These challenges include a surplus of 25%-30% in inventory, wastage amounting to 7-10% due to loss or expiry, lack of accurate and updated costing information, wasted nursing time on administrative tasks, and delays or cancellations in cases due to stockouts. 

Our services address a myriad of concerns, including expiry and recall management, waste and inefficiencies, storage space constraints, trunk stock, nurse satisfaction, item master variance, tracking usage, charting compliance, manual data entry, billing and reimbursement accuracy, administrative tasks diverting attention from patient care, lack of digitally recorded implant information in the patient file, and the high risk of expired or recalled items being inadvertently used in procedures.

The Most Innovative END-TO-END Solution

Data Sensing Tools

Snap&Go Image Recognition Sensor + TotalSense Smart Cabinet + Mobile Hand Scanner

AI Management Software

Cloud-based software and a global database of reference numbers.


Validated data is transmitted to the hospital's and vendors' systems without replacing them (Epic, Oracle Cerner, Infor and more)

Zero effort - 100% visibility

View current stock and usage records

All in One Solution

A wide range of high-value medical devices and implants are managed in procedural labs, so gaining full item-level visibility and real-time utilization data ensures optimized efficiency, improved performance, and high-quality care.

Data underpins effective day-to-day supply chain management in cath labs, IR suites and other procedural areas. It simplifies lab workflows and reduces the time that nurses spend on inventory management – freeing them up to focus on patient care. Procedure room data has management value too, helping to streamline the inventory, reduce waste, optimize billing and boost patient safety.

IDENTI’s procedural lab solutions support enhanced strategic decision-making using real-time data insights and predictive analytics.

Many procedures involve a large and complex range of surgical inventory. Items may arrive in kits and trays, be untagged wires, or small consumables such as nuts, bolts, and screws. These types of inventory are notoriously hard to document, and nurses often need to key each one into the system, so they are at risk of remaining undocumented. Image recognition and AI technology make it simple to digitally document all types of inventory used in procedural spaces, including items without a barcode and small consumables.

Our proven solution streamlines workflows and boosts efficiency in all procedural lab settings, including:


Inventory reduction 


Charge capture


Wastage reduction 


Saved on expired inventory

Suitable for all procedural settings

  • Interventional Radiology (IR) Suites
  • Catheterization Labs
  • Electrophysiology (EP) Labs 
  • Gastroenterology
  • Angiography 
  • Neuro and Endo Labs
procedural area cabinet

The Right Technology Delivers

Accurate Achieve a perpetual inventory

Patient safety

Identify expired or recalled stock items. Use real-time, pre-consumption alerts to minimize litigation risks. Achieve full UDI capture in the EMR, with a searchable batch history database for robust recall-readiness. Enjoy the added protection of your new compliance shield.

Easy Reduce inventory rounds

Seamless integration

Automated, audit-proof usage documentation is assigned directly to the patient file. Data flows freely into the hospital’s ERP/EMR/MMIS, supporting timely administration. System integration ensures real-time access by vendors for easy and prompt replenishment.

Efficient Kanban and Par

All types of inventory

The system is able to manage and track all types of inventory. Our double protection solution ensures both stock and non-stock items are tracked and documented. Digital recording of usage is now possible without RFID tags or preloading into the Item Master.

Accurate Kanban and Par

Inventory insights

Management decisions are informed by full inventory vision, plus real-time data and analytics. This ensures a streamlined inventory, lower wastage, minimized costs and a route to reduced preference card variance. In addition, data transparency improves vendor negotiations.

Simple Kanban and Par

Billing and revenue reconciliation

Delivering timely consumption data supports accurate case costing, revenue cycle integrity, full reimbursement and higher margins. OR and procedural rooms finally have high data integrity for optimized revenue generation.

Simple Switch from manual to automation

Patient and staff satisfaction

Quick item location, streamlined workflows and an end to post-procedural admin all reduce the supply chain burden on nurses.  Simplifying supply chain tasks frees up nurse time for patient care, improves patient satisfaction and results in happier staff! 


Explore the Heart, Vascular, and Leg Center (HVLC) digital transforming in inventory management ​

This case study delve into the challenges, the solutions implemented, and the remarkable outcomes achieved through the integration of Snap&Go and TotalSense cutting-edge technology.

Case Study: Heart, Vascular and Leg Center, CA
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