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The new relationship between Medline and IDENTI Medical brings you the latest, most innovative supply chain management technology – to keep you ahead of the game. 

Effective point-of-use tools, powerful data-capture solutions and enhanced data sharing capabilities, all empower healthcare providers to deliver data-driven, optimized supply chain management.

IDENTI Medical and Medline Inventory Management Technology | IDENTI Medical

We bring you AI and computer vision automation.


Operating Room

Futuristic OR documentation uses computer vision to convert images of product packaging into machine-readable data. When OR utilization is made this simple, full and accurate usage data is recorded in the patient file before the end of surgery.

Real-time point of use technology boosts patient safety. The system enables expired or recalled items to be identified and removed prior to consumption. It also ensures that EHR records contain all the required data from every reportable item, leading to rebust recall management. 

Advanced computer vision technology is making sure nurses can focus on patients and improving the quality of care.

IDENTI Medical

Procedural Room

Custom-designed for the surgical setting and solving the day-to-day challenges that make supply chain tasks such a burden, IDENTI’s procedure room bundle provides two levels of efficiency: 

Inventory Control: Real-time, item-level tracking for precise inventory management and informed planning. 

Full Utilization: A completely independent point-of-use system that can capture, identify and record the complex range of products you use – whether inventory items or products delivered straight to the procedure room.

Sever the reliance on your Item Master, and benefit from digital utilization data that flows straight into your EHR, ERP and MMIS.


Nursing Unit

Our innovative automation technology for medical supplies management minimizes nurse involvement in supply chain management.
Bulk items can fly out of the storeroom, so keeping a close eye on these fast-moving medical supplies is vital. Even better if your inventory bins can monitor the stock themselves!

Our digital Kanban and PAR solutions include self-replenishing bins that generate their own purchase orders and digital tags that restock at the press of a button. 

Our wireless, weight-based PAR bins automatically generate a restock order when the order point is reached. Automated restocks reduce admin, reduce costs and put an end to surpluses and stockouts.

Innovation looks like this

Real-time inventory vision and accurate utilization data are key drivers for procedure room optimization. IDENTI’s advanced technology eliminates inefficiencies and optimizes implant management.


Wireless PAR Weighing Bin

The next generation of labor-lite PAR: Fully portable, digital scale bins that tap into AI and machine learning technology for real-time metrics, data insights and automated restocks.

snap and go


You can achieve 3 second product documentation in OR, using image-recognition technology. Benefit from accurate data and AI-generated insights, for optimized SCM.



Real-time medical device, tissue and implant tracking, using advanced RFID sensors and powered by an AI cloud platform. Accurate vision and efficient management of high value inventory.

Operation Tools

Virtual Cabinet

Get the benefits of a smart cabinet for stock items stored on the shelves. RFID tags and a mobile application convert regular supplies rooms into digital spaces

Speedy Implementation Timeline

We work in partnership with you, jointly planning the installation of our technology, as well as the integration of our software with your EHR and other core systems.

Our cloud-based software is compatible with all common healthcare technology, and all our solutions are managed under one single platform, minimizing any disruption.

We’re with you all the way, from initial meetings to final planning, through implementation and ongoing customer support.

IDENTI Medical and Medline Inventory Management Technology | IDENTI Medical

The benefits for your organization:

Modern-day healthcare runs on good data, so collecting accurate real-time information from the complex surgical setting is vital.
Nursing staff need reliable data to:

  • Locate items without delay
  • Prevent the wastage of expired products
  • Manage recalls


Management needs real-time, accurate data to:

  • Optimize inventory management, reducing waste and costs
  • Bring down the cost of surgery by analyzing case and physician level data
  • Plan provision based on anticipated demand and case margins


Getting the right technology in place to deliver robust OR and procedure room data is a key factor in gaining an overview of provision, making better management decisions and improving healthcare delivery.
Medline’s expertise and IDENTI’s health-tech vision provide a strong foundation for growth.

Together we can support healthcare providers to eliminate supply chain inefficiencies and deliver top quality patient care, along with optimum business performance.

IDENTI Medical and Medline Inventory Management Technology | IDENTI Medical

End-to-end inventory visibility

Supply chain management requires full visibility so that:

  • Clinicians can find the items they need with ease
  • Materials Management can restock based on identified demand
  • Managers can reduce costs, plan provision and improve revenue
IDENTI Medical and Medline Inventory Management Technology | IDENTI Medical

Digital and scalable solutions

Our solutions share a single management platform that offers full scalability.

Whether you want additional installations of a product you already use or want to add another product from our range – there’s no additional integration required, it’s just plug and play.

IDENTI Medical and Medline Inventory Management Technology | IDENTI Medical

Optimized supply chain

Real-time data underpins cost-reduction, standardization, enhanced contractual arrangements, streamlined processes and a reduced inventory.

Out technology provides joint vision for supply chain partners. When providers, vendors and distributors operate transparently there is synergy and trust.

IDENTI Medical - Healthcare Supply Chain Management

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