The PAR Weighing Bin That Replenishes Itself!

Weight-based Inventory Management System

KANBAN & PAR weighing bin
Weighing bin installation

100% Autonomous.
No Further Action Needed!

Discover the easiest way to manage bulk hospital supplies. 

Our smart scale automatically creates an inventory order according to the items’ weight. The weighing bin solution comes in three sizes and accurately records real-time stock levels. 

You just grab and go – our smart PAR bin does the rest. Make stock-outs a thing of the past!   

100% Digital Display
No More Labels!

Digital display easily updated by ward staff. No need to change labels manually.

IDENTI PAR bins use patent-protected RFID technologies and are powered by AI software. Each bin can store the product’s SKU, display stock levels and re-order status.

Benefit from real-time stock notifications and reporting to give you insight into usage.

Weighing bin configuration
Weighing bin core store room

100% Portable
No More Annoying Power Cables!

Our wireless bins can be used for all sizes of stock in any location. Make cables and limited placement a thing of the past with our handy, portable option. Bins can be easily moved to wherever required.

100% Accurate

No More Stock-outs!

Our sensors know when stock is running low and automatically reorder the same product, ensuring continued supply.

Stock levels and real time usage are captured on the IDENTI cloud platform, giving staff full visibility of inventory levels and re-order status.

Interoperability between the smart PAR bins and the hospital and supplier EPRs ensures that all parties know details of the re-order – the product, the quantity and the delivery location.

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