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Instant insight into your OR inventory

"The operating room poses the most challenging data collection point, but finding the right solution is crucial.
Capturing accurate data in this setting has a significant impact across the entire organization."

Operating rooms are your major revenue driver, while medical supplies are your second largest expense. Having clear visibility of your utilization and costs is crucial in the OR setting, yet sub-par systems fail to deliver accurate and timely data, impeding management and operational decisions.

While others focus on the symptoms…
We address the root cause. ​

Revenue reconciliation:

The complexity of the OR setting, combined with the use of such a broad range of inventory, makes documenting product usage a common challenge for busy nurses prioritizing patient care. Incomplete EMR records post-surgery result in a yearly loss of $1.5 billion for US hospitals (HFMA). Common rectification revenue leakage attempts, like extra nurses for documentation or audits, come at a cost. Advanced technology promises full reimbursement with minimal effort.

Cost Control

Patient safety and audit-proof documentation:

Digital, end-to-end implant tracking at the point of care, facilitated by advanced technology, prevents the use of unsafe items in surgery and ensures comprehensive data recording in the EHR. The consequences of errors in patient safety can be severe, with the average cost of a medical malpractice case related to the use of an expired or recalled item ranging between $5-7 million (AMA). Operating compliantly enables organizations to protect patients, meet regulatory UDI requirements, streamline audits like the Joint Commission, and avoid costly medico-legal litigation.

Operating Room Solutions | IDENTI Medical

Balancing the Inventory:

Incorrect consumption data leads to procurement guesswork, resulting in high costs, surpluses, and wastage, causing an annual loss of $1.3M per US operating room (HFMA). Healthcare providers face challenges documenting the diverse mix of OR products – implants, non-sterilized items, consignment products, and off-contract items. Leading to an average of only 48% charge capture. With full inventory visibility and real-time utilization data, providers can regain control, make informed decisions, enhance vendor negotiation, and reduce costs. Data-driven management empowers efficient healthcare practices.

Hospital Inventory Inventory Control

Other inefficiencies that inflate costs:

Lack of timely and accurate data make it difficult to tackle known areas of inefficiency in hospitals and surgery centers, such as:
  • Preference card variance
  • Item Master maintenance
  • Payer contracting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Nurse satisfaction/retention
  • Consignment inventory
  • Supplier contracting
  • Wastage
  • And more…
Identification card

Point of use solution for operating rooms

Take off the blindfold

To address these challenges and achieve data integrity in the OR setting, a new approach is needed.

Out-dated systems are labor-intensive and inefficient, hindering management by providing unreliable data and partial vision. At last, next-generation technology is delivering the dream – accurate, timely, labor-lite OR data that fuels organizational efficiency.

Now you can control your inventory with full visibility of the medical devices, implants, drugs and narcotics that need to be so carefully managed.
The point of care finally became transparent. Imagine having real-time OR inventory vision and achieving accurate usage documentation during surgery, even for bill-only items.
Robust OR data is the key to minimized costs and optimized revenue.

Automated point of care documentation

Discover the operational and management benefits of using the Snap & Go image recognition sensor for the instant digital recording of every reportable item, straight into the patient file on your EMR, including SKU/lot/batch and expiry date.

Snap & Go tightens up your supply chain management, revenue capture and compliance, and has a direct impact on margins. Just look at the benefits of using Snap&Go in the operating room:


Charge Capture


Documentation Time Reduction 


Compliance with FDA Recalls Regulations


saved on expired inventory

Identi Medical Total Sense

Automated implant tracking

Real-time stock visibility and item-level tracking supports full stock control and lean inventory management.

Total Sense UHF-RFID smart cabinets are designed for use in core surgical areas – they make it easy to locate items, rotate stock and reconcile the inventory. Enjoy the benefits of automated inventory management in your supply spaces – Total Sense Mobile uses hand scanners to transform storerooms into virtual cabinets.

See the benefits of the Total Sense RFID automated inventory management system:


Reduction in value of expired items held in stock


Wastage reduction


Reduction in the cost of excess inventory

5-6 h

RN hours saved daily for stock no longer required

Automated decentralized dispensing

Decentralized dispensing simplifies the issuing of drugs and controlled substances in the OR setting.

Technology can create a pharmacy hub in the operating room, enabling clinician dispensing and a more integrated way of working that allows real-time dispensing decisions to be made during surgery – enhancing patient safety.

Our Narcotics Cabinet keeps the pharmacist firmly in control via automated item and user tracking, plus the generation of vital pharmacy data to optimize pharmaceutical supply management.

Operating Room Solutions | IDENTI Medical

The right technology delivers

Accurate Achieve a perpetual inventory

Patient safety

Identify expired or recalled stock items. Use real-time, pre-consumption alerts to minimize litigation risks. Achieve full UDI capture in the EMR, with a searchable batch history database for robust recall-readiness. Enjoy the added protection of your new compliance shield.

Easy Reduce inventory rounds

Seamless integration

Automated, audit-proof usage documentation is assigned directly to the patient file. Data flows freely into the hospital’s ERP / EMR / MMIS, supporting timely administration. System integration ensures real-time access by vendors for easy and prompt replenishment.

Efficient Kanban and Par

All types of inventory

The system is able to manage and track all types of inventory. Our double protection solution ensures both stock and non-stock items are tracked and documented. Digital recording of usage is now possible without RFID tags or preloading into the Item Master.

Accurate Kanban and Par

Inventory insights

Management decisions are informed by full inventory vision, plus real-time data and analytics. This ensures a streamlined inventory, lower wastage, minimized costs and a route to reduced preference card variance. In addition, data transparency improves vendor negotiations.

Simple Kanban and Par

Billing and revenue reconciliation

Delivering timely consumption data supports accurate case costing, revenue cycle integrity, full reimbursement and higher margins. OR and procedural rooms finally have high data integrity for optimized revenue generation.

Simple Switch from manual to automation

Patient and staff satisfaction

Quick item location, streamlined workflows and an end to post-procedural admin all reduce the supply chain burden on nurses.  Simplifying supply chain tasks frees up nurse time for patient care, improves patient satisfaction and results in happier staff!


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