Hospitals are busy! There’s not much down time. They are filled with hardworking, committed staff – but sometimes the systems and tools at hand waste time, money and resources.

Sometimes managers need a moment to take a step back and reassess how things are done.

But what if someone else has already done the thinking? Created solutions. Improved efficiencies.

What if you could tap into that?

The Continuing Development of Hospital Inventory Management Systems

Keep pace – it’s a technological race!

Healthcare organization that don’t keep up with technological advancements will struggle to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

Hospitals need to get the basics right and that means having a robust medical inventory management system that improves organizational performance.

Yet many healthcare organizations continue to rely on passive, outdated systems that under-deliver when compared to the smart, proactive alternatives that could streamline their workflows, improve patient safety and make considerable cost savings.

Let’s take a look at the simple product swaps and new additions which could take a hospital’s medical inventory management up to another level.

Point of Use Data Capture

Did you know that there’s a data gap in your OR and Procedure Rooms? An inefficiency that compromizes patient safety, significantly reduces income and creates an admin burden on busy nurses?

52% of items used in the OR setting go unreported and that’s because the systems in place are time consuming and inefficient.

Snap & Go image recognition

Wouldn’t it be great to have a system in surgery that doesn’t rely upon nurses or back office staff to identify and document all those items that didn’t scan properly, or resulted in an database error, or simply weren’t on the item list?

Snap&Go is a brand new item and charge capture tool that uses patented image-recognition technology to take a ‘snap’ of product packaging.

One 3 second ‘snap’ is all it takes to fully capture UDI, expiry date and all charges – and to document these on the EHR and ERM.



Your nurses don’t need to repeatedly scan items, scroll through database drop downs or leave items uncharted. Snap&Go does all the work for you.

Kanban and PAR inventory bins

Kanban and PAR systems used to be simple storage bins with printed labels and manual monitoring. It was a totally passive PAR inventory system that literally just sat there on the shelf.

Passive PAR bins require busy nurses and logistics staff to spend hours monitoring stock levels in a bid to keep adequate stocks at hand.

Passive PAR vs Smart Weight-Based PAR
Passive PAR vs Smart Weight-Based PAR


Compare that to IDENTI’s new autonomous, digital, Weight-Based PAR Bin.

It’s the first-of-its-kind, portable bin with integrated weighing scales, that perpetually check stock levels and generate an automated re-order once the restock point is reached. No more surpluses or stock outs.

It doesn’t need any attention from nurses at all and logistics staff just need to deliver the restocks – and that’s it. The autonomous PAR Weighing Bin does the rest.

Passive storage options belong in the past – smart PAR inventory storage bins have arrived.

See IDENTI’s full range of hybrid Kanban and PAR systems.




Smart Tissue and Implant Tracking Cabinets

Medical devices, tissues and implants are the highest value stock in any hospital, so ensuring these crucial supplies are carefully monitored and managed makes total sense. That’s why IDENTI Medical have developed the TotalSense Cabinet, which combines RFID technology with AI cloud software, to provide real-time stock visibility.

Automated medical device, tissue and implant tracking
Automated medical device, tissue and implant tracking


Older inventory storage systems need constant attention from nursing and logistics staff – it’s time to turn your sleepy medical cabinets into smart inventory hubs.


IDENTI’s TotalSense Cabinet is an automated inventory management system designed for operating and procedure rooms. It’s an RFID inventory management system that continually senses the stock it stores and digitally tracks all items removed. It integrates with your MMIS system and triggers accurate restocks. IDENTI’s cloud-based software provides useful reports, metrics and data insights, that give Materials Managers and clinical teams real-time stock visibility.



IDENTI’s TotalSense RFID Medical Cabinet delivers automated, data-driven inventory management that saves hospitals time and resources plus makes significant inventory management savings.

Medication Management Solutions

It’s a worrying fact that many narcotics cabinets require elongated workflows and have lax security. With the decentralized pharmacy trend continuing and drug diversion always in the news, now is the time to upgrade to an automated dispensing cabinet.

IDENTI Narcotics Cabinet - for smart, secure dispensing
IDENTI Narcotics Cabinet – for smart, secure dispensing


The IDENTI Narcotics Cabinet is designed for clinical use in surgery spaces. It has inbuilt item tracking which synchs to your ERP and EHR. System reports ensure accurate restocks, as well as effective expiry and recall management.


Automated medical dispensing is here, offering a totally secure, accountable system that fully tracks the dispensing, wastage and returns of each physician.


The IDENTI Narcotics Cabinet is a world away from passive drugs storage safes and cabinets – discover the benefit of an automated, decentralized dispensing point.


IDENTI Medical is at a leading health-tech company that specializes in innovative tools for surgical spaces. Our easy to use, innovative products are designed with the user in mind.

Passive systems that waste time, resources and money belong in the past.

It’s time to work smarter.

Discover IDENTI Medical’s innovative solutions for your surgical spaces.


Automated, Weight Based PAR Bin

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