IDENTI Medical

Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains

We use image recognition and AI tools to simplify operational processes, from vendor through billing.

It’s time to empower healthcare providers and their supply chain partners with shared inventory vision and complete control.

Let our data sharpen your success.

We fix supply chain challenges in the most COMPLEX environments

Forward-thinking healthcare providers are leveraging technology to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency across all care settings.

IDENTI’s distinctive healthcare inventory tracking technology revolutionizes inventory management in clinical, procedural, and lab settings. Suited to all types of products, including owned-stock and consignment, our advanced solutions combine smart hardware and AI software to achieve full visibility, control and management of your healthcare inventory. Following full data capture by our smart hardware, our advanced technology generates all the metrics, reports and business insights you need to stay a step ahead of the supply chain.

A suite of perioperative solutions designed to efficiently chart, charge, and manage supplies in surgical procedures and trauma cases.

Maximize the efficiency of revenue-generating operating rooms by transforming data blind spots into clear vision.

Free up procedural nursing teams to concentrate on patient care, not logistics, by utilizing a suite of advanced implant tracking tools.

Smart automation handles lab supply management challenges and deals with vendor disputes efficiently.

Automated medical supply management reduces nurse involvement in supply chain administration and streamlines logistics workflows.

Finally, an end to manual counting and the start of demand-led procurement, ensuring all supplies are at hand when needed.

Eliminate manual workflows and achieve complete visibility of both stock levels and consumption. Automate supply chain management as you scale up for growth.

It’s time to optimize your payer/vendor contracts and unlock the full business potential of your ASC.





Optimize revenue with seamless charge capture at the point of care, ensuring complete and timely case costs. Data insights and revenue analysis enhance management decision-making and contribute to the overall financial efficiency of case management while improving:



Empower clinical teams acting as the last line of defense with safety tools. Mitigate risk linked to expired or recalled products by achieving a risk-free inventory that prevents ‘never events’. Leverage expiry reports to inform product selection and to promptly eliminate unsafe items.

Inventory Control


Achieve a comprehensive inventory view by documenting every consumed item. Replace guesswork with precision data and implement demand-driven procurement. Attain full inventory visibility through automated tracking, eliminating shortages, surpluses, and wastage.


 Usage capture at point-of-use

Computer vision technology is the next generation of charge capture. Based on AI and a global SKU database, this easy-to-use platform provides 100% data capture of medical implants and consumables, documents their use and cost in ERP & EHR systems, and tracks product integrity (recall and expiration dates). Optimize your business performance while ensuring patient safety and lightening the workload of your circulatory nurses.

Tissue and implant tracking

Achieve automated item-level traceability and management of high-value implants and medical devices, ensuring a consistently available and balanced inventory. Utilize our UHF RFID smart inventory cabinet to flag recalled and soon-to-expire items for safer stock management. Gain full access control to track which item was taken and by whom, enabling remote inventory management among all hospital units and vendors.

Medical supplies replenishment

Revolutionize healthcare supplies management. Kanban & PAR automation technology, with real-time refill requests. Driven by AI this innovative system ensures a substantial reduction in inventory and minimizes nurse involvement in procurement. It allows material management to be in control, and make data-driven decisions on inventory turns, restock frequency and zero turns items.

Full control over narcotics and medications

Automated dispensing cabinet for accountable management of drugs offers enhanced security features and user tracking – acting as an effective drug diversion prevention system. Designed for use by physicians, anesthetists and authorized clinical staff. Seamless integration with the EHR/ERP, allows the hospital pharmacy to monitor the remote issuance of drugs in point of use, in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

Award winning SNAP&GO™

Enhance utilization capture, product safety, operational efficiencies, and financial outcomes effortlessly with Snap&Go. This AI-powered image recognition solution automatically documents all products used during surgery right at the point of care.

2022 new product innovation award
IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical

2022 Frost & Sullivan Product New Innovation Award

SNAP & GO - Inventory Management solution for OR and Procedure Rooms
Play Video about SNAP & GO - Inventory Management solution for OR and Procedure Rooms

Ensuring supply chain data becomes business intelligence

Medical inventory and supplies are typically the second largest expense for healthcare facilities, so it’s important for their leadership to gain a clear view of inventory, and understand how it is managed.

Organizations that collect and analyze their supply chain data gain valuable business insights that drive through improved value, cost-reductions, waste reductions, and increased revenue.

Data is the gas that fuels modern healthcare management.

IDENTI’s digital data-collection and documentation solution provides an instant upgrade to your healthcare information systems, supporting enhanced healthcare delivery and healthier financial margins.

Our next-generation healthcare supply chain technology improves clinical, operational and financial performance.

See real ROI feedback from our customers:

IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical



One Time Reduction in Excess Inventory

$1-2 million

Reduction in Wastage



Improvement in Charge Capture


UDI Capture and Full Reporting



Reduction in products expiring on the shelves


fewer orders due to precise procurement and order consolidation



reduction in nurse supply chain admin


reduction in the time spent by logistics staff on the ward


We stand at the forefront of the global health-tech market, pioneering unique, patented products that redefine healthcare inventory management and set us apart from all other solutions in the market.

Our cutting-edge solutions address the data collection challenges that hinder decision-making and impact patient care. We recognize that inventory data serves as business intelligence with the potential to optimize performance. Whether you’re a healthcare provider or a medical vendor, we invite you to explore the future and discover how it’s possible to elevate the operational business side of the hospital to new heights, where guesswork and uncertainty become a thing of the past.



The unique combination of automated and autonomous end-devices
with intelligent cloud-based software, a global database, and seamless connectivity,
solve the healthcare supply chain challenges at the point of use.



Autonomous advanced tracking tools. Automatic sensors collect data in OR and procedure rooms and perform perpetual inventory tracking

IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical
IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical


AI-powered management software to boost revenue and quality of patient care. Data is processed on a cloud platform using global medical implant databases and human services

IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical
IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical


Seamless integration with
EMR / ERP / MMIS and vendor systems. Easily integrates with your existing systems – transferring practical, usable data


IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical
IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical

“Identi’s system has enabled us to reduce excess inventory and establish correct work processes for the long term. Our relationship with the medical device manufacturers improved dramatically. There is no uncertainty around payments or replenishment approval.”

Harvard University’s automated lab
Supply Chain Engineer

IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical

“We know what we have, we know when it was consumed, we know in whom it was implanted in a case of a recall. Identi’s platform enables us to monitor valuable products miles away and guarantee we will always have the right amount of stock inside the OR – no overload or shrinkage.”

Senior Manager Customer Care & Supply Chain

IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical

“This system is excellent! Easy to photograph each item. It reports correctly and, in the background, computers handle everything. It’s important for the patient and for the future. It’s the Ministry of Health’s regulations that we know what was used and if there is an item that is recalled it’s easy to find. It’s revolutionary in my opinion. This equipment, which is the bulk of equipment in a large organization like a hospital, needs to be managed much, much, much more precisely and save time on manual labor. “

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center
Drora Ben Michael-Winkar, Deputy Chief Operating Officer

IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical
IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical

The system enables us to maintain a record of which items were actually used during a particular procedure. This information is managed through IdentiPlatform and linked directly to the patient file, for the purpose of billing those products to that patient.

Vice President of Procurement
New York Hospital Queens

IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical

“The benefit is being able to automatically detect when an item is nearing its expiration date, thus reducing the likelihood of products expiring prior to use or being dangerous to use. That’s of great value, since we had to manually manage expiration dates prior to this installation”.

Jonson & Jonson
Director of Business Technology

IDENTI Medical - Innovating Healthcare Supply Chains | IDENTI Medical

“Identi technology, along with the management software, has allowed us to reduce the cost of excess inventory by between $2 and $3 million in various departments, including electrophysiology, angiography, neurology, vascular, the cath lab and gastrologic.”

Sheba Medical Center
Head Nurse Invasive Cardiology