Charge capture optimization

Solve OR revenue loss with advanced AI tools

Prevent charge capture leaks, optimize revenue cycle management

Accurate OR utilization data is the foundation of charge capture, ensuring the inclusion of all billable charges in medical billing.

It’s time to face reality. Point-of-use data capture technology regularly fails to record every consumed item, instead diverting nurses down a manual, keying-in process, that often leads to errors and data gaps. It’s time to end the perioperative documentation burden and find new ways to optimize charge capture.

Aware of the limitation of their point of use systems, and keen to prevent claim delays and denials, providers often put in place documentation reviews and reconciliation exercises. But isn’t this addressing the symptom rather than the cause?

Lost surgical supply revenue requires a proactive approach.

It’s time to leverage new technology to solve surgical supply charge capture one and for all.

Image recognition and AI is transforming charge capture
Charge Capture Optimization | IDENTI Medical

Poor surgical supply documentation costs US hospitals $7.7 billion annually.


Charge Capture Optimization | IDENTI Medical

Improved charge capture processes can boost reimbursement by 10 – 30%



Charge Capture Optimization | IDENTI Medical

Streamlined processes can reduce perioperative documentation time by 30 – 40%


100% automated charge capture with AI vision

Snap&Go is the next-generation of POU data capture. This breakthrough solution is powered by computer vision and AI technology. 

Central to its success is capturing a digital picture of each product’s packet or label and converting the image into data. This product data is routed through a global SKU database, plus AI and machine learning algorithms, that between them fix any missing or incorrect data, and ensure that that every item is identified, verified, and recorded in the hospital system.

The nurse’s job is reduced to a 3-second image-capture task, with the remainder of the process being fully automated.

The result – an end to incomplete surgical documentation by delivering 100% item and charge capture during surgery.

Snap&Go in OR

AI and machine learning generates real-time metrics, reports and insights from complete and correct consumption data.

Global SKU database puts an end to system exceptions by tapping into a virtual item master for easier item verification.

Image recognition technology ‘reads’ product packets, labels and hand-written implant sheets, for reliable digital documentation.

Three vital elements of our new charge capture technology:

Automated charge capture solution at the point of use

The image-to-data revolution

Snap&Go uses innovative image-recognition technology to achieve full charting and charge capture.
Ending the reliance on your local Item Master, Snap&Go effectively deals with every type of inventory: owned-stock, consignment, off-contract, and trunk stock – with each item seamlessly flowing into the EHR.
This automated charge capture solution for surgery is transforming perioperative documentation and optimizing medical billing.

Improve OR charge capture accuracy with Snap&Go, your POU charge capture solution, using image recognition and AI technology for optimized revenue cycle management.

Stay ahead of the game with 100% item and charge capture.

Join the image-to-data revolution.

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