Solultions for Nursing Units

Reduce nurse involvement in medical supply management

Your nurses’ time is valuable, why waste it on medical supply management?

Nurses face daily supply chain challenges, from locating items in cluttered store rooms, to experiencing unexpected stockouts. Added to this is the role they play in receiving, monitoring, and reordering supplies. Using busy nurses to monitor and manage medical supplies leads to operational inefficiencies and takes nurses away from patient care. 

By providing effective solutions to the supply chain challenges faced by nurses every day, we can ensure they are freed up to focus on what they do best—providing exceptional patient care.

Happier Nurses. Improved Compliance

Three Major Supply Change Challenges in Nursing Units

Challenge 1

Trying to maintain optimum inventory levels in nursing units

Managing fast-moving medical supplies is a labor-intensive task, and it’s hard for time-strapped nurses to juggle supply chain management with patient care, while also battling staff shortages. Despite all the effort involved, restocks are inefficient, leading to surpluses and stockouts on the department. 

Challenge 2

Lack of visibility impedes procurement and planning

With so many supplies’ spaces requiring inventory checks, manual counting ends up being rushed and imprecise. Over-cautious procurement is a common side effect of bad data, and this results in a bloated inventory. Lack of clear inventory vision inhibits decision-making and planning.

Challenge 3

Reducing the supply chain admin burden on nurses

Managing medical supplies saps up nurse time and takes them away from patients. Reducing the supply chain burden on nurses improves job satisfaction rates and can even impact on retention. Nurses should be focusing on patients, not products and technology can play a role in lightening their workload.

Choose Your Favorite Tool


Wireless PAR Weighing Bin

First ever autonomous wireless weight-based inventory management system

Solutions for Nursing Units | IDENTI Medical

Restock Tag & Stock Pick

Replenishes the inventory automatically with a click-of-a-button

Solutions for Nursing Units | IDENTI Medical

Scan & Restock App

for ordering and monitoring orders straight from your mobile phone

You Won't Find Anything Simpler

Technology takes the pressure off busy nurses by adding labor-lite precision to materials management. 

From Wireless Weight-Based PAR Bins to Digital Kanban “Push-button” Tags, IDENTI has solutions that complement your existing setup. Our Kanban & PAR automation technology effortlessly turns a manual system into an automated, digital solution.

Solutions for Nursing Units | IDENTI Medical

Finally... no manual counting!

Our digital solutions deliver automated stock management and enhanced control of medical supplies.

Solutions for Nursing Units | IDENTI Medical

Supplies available on demand

Grab and go without fear! Precise tracking results in prompt restocks, putting an end to surpluses and stock-outs.

Solutions for Nursing Units | IDENTI Medical

Two routes to seamless integration

Individual bins and digital tags neatly fit into your existing supplies’ spaces.

Digital data seamlessly integrates with your EMR, ERP and MMIS


Powerful material management insights

Supply chain analytics steer management towards informed decision-making. Predictive analytics underpin future planning.

The impact of automating Kanban & PAR

Automating stock management in nursing units lightens the supply chain burden on nurses while delivering precision data and optimum stock levels.
The winning combination of data-deduced PAR levels and auto-generated restock orders, has the power to optimize inventory management in nursing units,


Reduction in time the logistics team spend on the ward


Time spent by nurses on stock orders


Increase in nurse satisfaction 


Reduction of nursing time spent on supplies organization


Reduction in the number of individual orders

Advanced Tracking Technology Delivers

Accurate Achieve a perpetual inventory

Easy bin set up and update

It’s easy to get started or switch product. Associating an item with a smart bin or digital tag is a simple task .No more printing! No more labels! Easy digital set up using our simple app..

Easy Reduce inventory rounds

Seamless system integration

Medical supplies’ data flows freely into the hospital’s ERP and MMIS, supporting timely admin processes.. Give your vendors access to the managing software for shared vision and transparency.

Efficient Kanban and Par

Individual bin technology

Automation no longer requires cumbersome units, tied to a power cable. Enjoy the ease and flexibility of individual digital bins and tags. Easy integration into your current supply room set-up..

Accurate Kanban and Par

Inventory insights

Full inventory vision, real-time metrics, management reports and data insights enhance decision making, supporting a streamlined inventory, lower wastage and minimized costs. 

Simple Kanban and Par

Streamline your inventory

Supplies being available on demand, quick item location and minimal nurse involvement in restocks, all result in a reduced supply chain burden on busy nurses, improving satisfaction levels.

Simple Switch from manual to automation

Patient and staff satisfaction

Supplies being available on demand, quick item location and minimal nurse involvement in restocks, all result in a reduced supply chain burden on busy nurses, improving satisfaction levels. 



Read one hospital’s journey moving from a manual medical supply management system to an automated solution.

Automating the hospital’s Kanban & PAR system minimized the role of clinical staff in supply management. Find out how integrating autonomous bins and digital tags saved money, reduced labor, and improved efficiency.

Before vs. After : The supplies room used for the pilot
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