SNAP&GO™ AI vision

Award-winning, point of use supply tracking technology powered by AI and computer vision. Benefit from full UDI data and usage capture - in a single SNAP

Never miss an implant.

Your AI Assistant for Perioperative Supply Management

It’s time to put an end to inefficient data-entry processes – the future of perioperative documentation is here, with Snap&Go’s image recognition technology, enabling effortless data capture at the point of use.

Snap&Go point of use supply tracking solution empowers perioperative nurses to automatically capture precise utilization data, eliminating the data blind spots that compromise OR efficiency and profitability.

Optimize your billing with 100% charge capture, shrink your inventory costs, and make data-driven decisions that improve your bottom line and boost patient care.

Automatically document utilization with SNAP&GO™

Automatically document utilization with Snap&Go​
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Proven AI Data Capture Technology

Recognized for innovation. Our industry-leading inventory management solution enables effortless, accurate OR supply documentation.

2023 Vizient Innovative Technology Designation Award

2023 Vizient Innovative Technology Designation Award

2022 Frost & Sullivan  Product New Innovation Award

2022 Frost & Sullivan  Product New Innovation Award

2021 Healthcare Product Hall of Fame

2021 Healthcare Product Hall of Fame

Boost your healthcare supply chain with AI-powered surgical supply tracking

Complement Existing Systems

One SNAP captures vital data (batch number, lot number, etc.) for seamless integration into your EMR, ERP, and MMIS. Eliminate data entry errors and bridge data gaps for accurate and complete patient records.

Futuristic Charge Capture

Visual proof of use – for all types of inventory, even those not preloaded into the item master and charge master. This technology transforms product usage documentation: No more barcode scanning struggles, nurse compliance issues or missing item data. Rapid recording of all inventory types including, regular stock, consignment, off-contract items and  bill-only products.

Simplify EHR charting

Use a proven image recognition technology powered by AI and machine learning algorithms to ensuring 100% nurse satisfaction. Free up valuable nurse time with a simple-to-use tool that puts an end to OR documentation delays and data fixes. Advanced automation plus our back-office team handles it all. Just a 3 second snap and it’s ‘job done’ – allowing nurses to focus on patients.

SNAP&GO™ - Delivers the full package

Hospital Inventory Inventory Control

Item Master Management

Break free from dirty data. Accurate POU supply documentation enhanced by on-the-spot data validation has arrived – delivering seamless documentation and on-the-go item master maintenance.

Ensure bill-only charges don't get lost

Bill-Only Management

Banish bill-only blind spots at the point of care. Access our global SKU database and tap into AI technology for the seamless documentation of EVERY medical device, tissue, implant and consumable. 


UDI Management

Computer vision effortlessly captures complete UDI data (including batch no, serial no. and expiry date) for ALL items – even non-barcoded products. Ensure all item data is listed on the patient file for patient safety and full compliance.  

Snap&Go AI vision for point of use supply tracking solution | IDENTI Medical

Expiry & Recall Management

Safeguard your OR with our advanced expiry & recall management system. Protect patients with real-time, pre-consumption safety alerts. Handle products recalls in seconds using a searchable batch history database. 

Ensure bill-only charges don't get lost

Charge Capture Optimization

Accurate OR utilization data forms the cornerstone of charge capture, guaranteeing the inclusion of all billable charges in medical billing. Utilize Total Sense UHF-RFID Smart Cabinet technology in conjunction with the new Snap&Go AI vision for comprehensive visibility into stock and usage.

Snap&Go AI vision for point of use supply tracking solution | IDENTI Medical
POU inventory management solution using AI & computer vision

Improve operating room efficiency with AI inventory control

Revenue capture and supply utilization analysis

Snap&Go empowers healthcare providers to go beyond data collection and to unlock the true potential of their point-of-use (POU) consumption data. Our AI engine transforms OR data into actionable insights, helping you optimize revenue capture and streamline supply utilization for improved profitability.

As a manager, you know it's always about the data

The impact of 100% data collection with AI


Increase Reimbursement


Reduction in waste


Costing Accuracy


Reduction in Nurse Admin Time


Fda Digital Documenting Compliance


Reduction in Inventory On-Hand


Increase in reimbursement


Reduction in inventory waste


Case costing accuracy


Reduction in nurse documentation time


FDA digital documenting compliance


Reduction in on-hand inventory


Read about the evolution of data capture in OR inventory management solutions

From Stickers to Computer Vision: The evolution of Point-of Care Data Capture (White Paper)

Point-of-care supply documentation can be a tedious and error-prone process, but new breakthrough technology has resulted in a remarkable transformation. Our white paper, “From Stickers to Smart Capture: The Evolution of Point-of-Care Data Capture,” explores the journey from manual methods to advanced image recognition and AI automated data capture technology.

Learn how advancements in healthcare technology can streamline OR workflows, improve point-of-us documentation accuracy, and empower healthcare providers to deliver better patient care. 

Download our comparison document showing the transition of point of care supply documentation from stickers through to image recognition.

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