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Let Our Technology Handle Your Inventory Hassles

Supply chain management in ASCs can be a challenge. Far too often it’s a manual task involving calls, forms and faxes – and lack of visibility means that procurement is often based on guesswork. 

As ambulatory care providers prepare for growth, slow, outdated workflows will become an operational bottle-neck as the organization scales up. It’s time to leverage technology to add speed and precision to ASC inventory management.

IDENTI Medical

As more surgeries and procedures shift to the ambulatory care sector, smart ASCs are improving their competitive edge by tackling areas of inefficiency and strengthening operational systems.

It’s time to transform manual workflows into automated systems that optimize performance and future-proof healthcare delivery.

Automating the ASC supply chain has clinical, operational and management benefits.


Gain full visibility over owned stock and consignment. Benefit from automated restocks of high value medical inventory. Use metrics, reports and insights for smarter management


Supply chain automation saves hours of nurse time. Picking items for the cart and recording utilization are now simple tasks. Hand written count sheets can be digitized, ending manual entry.


No more manual expiry checks. Automated reports signal which products to use first, preventing wastage. Efficient expiry management and pre-usage alerts safeguard patients. 


Optimize implant tracking and achieve full revenue capture with IDENTI Medical’s proven technology.
This comprehensive solution overcomes your supply chain challenges, offering 100% transparency, from enrollment through billing, for every type of product you use. Take a look at the business impact of efficient, automated ASC inventory management.


Reduction in excess Inventory on-hand


Reduction in expired items wastage


Reduction in nurse time spent on supplies


Reduce missed charges of reimbursable items

Take Charge of your Success: Our Tools, Your Control

Hospital Inventory Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Supply chain technology delivers:

Efficiency – less labor, more control.

Transparency – shared visibility of stock or consignment for all parties.

Precision procurement – automated, demand-driven restocks for optimized stock levels.

The gift of time – an end to manual materials management.

Cost Control

Cost Control

Achieve cost reductions: 

Eliminate wastage – use all stock before expiry.

Payers/vendors – boost bargaining power with accurate data.

Product standardization – tackle PPI and product variance.

Plan future care – use case costing, demand, and profitability data to plan provision.

Save Revenues Quality Control

Quality Control

Demonstrate quality care and compliance:

Value-based care – improved data collection measures metrics for optimized payments.

Robust recalls – requires the digital linking of products to patients.

Audit compliance – standardized digital documentation supports compliance.

Patient safety – pre consumption safety alerts prevent ‘never events’. 

Multiple Tracking Tools, One Software

Our healthcare inventory management products are custom-designed for the surgery setting, making them an ideal solution for ambulatory surgery centers.

We work with you to select a ‘best fit’ product bundle that meets the full range of needs across your organization. All our products link to a central cloud management system.

TotalSense item level implant and medical device tracking


24/7 Real-time automated monitoring and control of stock, using the UHF-RFID TotalSense smart cabinet or mobile hand scanner.

ASC Inventory Solutions | IDENTI Medical


Instant recording of SKU/ lot/ batch and expiry date of every consumed item or count sheet, to the patient file, using Snap&Go image recognition technology.



The wireless, smart PAR bin generates its own re-stock when the minimum level has been reached. Just grab and go.



Collaboratively manage consignment inventory with suppliers on a shared platform. Leverage the benefits of accessing in a global SKU database.

Ambulatory surgery center software

Suitable for All Specialties

Our solutions seamlessly slot into your outpatient or ambulatory surgery center systems. A great fit for all specialties – orthopedics, pain management, ophthalmology, plastic surgery or dental surgery.

We work with you to streamline your workflows, tackle data gaps, and optimize reimbursements.

ASC Inventory Solutions | IDENTI Medical


Explore the Heart, Vascular, and Leg Center (HVLC) digital transforming in inventory management

This case study delves into the challenges, the solutions implemented, and the remarkable outcomes achieved through the integration of Snap&Go and TotalSense cutting-edge technology in HVLC procedure rooms.

Case Study: Heart, Vascular and Leg Center, CA

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