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Your customers are increasingly looking for digital solutions that enhance their business performance and optimize care delivery. 

But cumbersome processes and incorrect/incomplete data prevent them and you, from achieving it.

Whether you are an EMR/ERP company or other healthcare provider we can help you bridge the gaps. Our data collection technology and huge reference database will enable you to

take your customers to 100% data collection. 

IdentiMedical N

We can work with you on:

Data Sensing

OEM Solutions

using advanced technologies that meet the unique data collection needs of the healthcare supply chain

Partner with Us | IDENTI Medical

Product Bundles

and hybrid solutions for operating rooms, procedural rooms and nursing units

Data Analistycs

System adaptations

for a custom product, designed to meet your specific requirements

A suite of perioperative solutions designed to efficiently chart, charge, and manage supplies in surgical procedures and trauma cases.

Maximize the efficiency of revenue-generating operating rooms by transforming data blind spots into clear vision.

Free up procedural nursing teams to concentrate on patient care, not logistics, by utilizing a suite of advanced implant tracking tools.

Smart automation handles lab supply management challenges and deals with vendor disputes efficiently.

Automated medical supply management reduces nurse involvement in supply chain administration and streamlines logistics workflows.

Finally, an end to manual counting and the start of demand-led procurement, ensuring all supplies are at hand when needed.

Eliminate manual workflows and achieve complete visibility of both stock levels and consumption. Automate supply chain management as you scale up for growth.

It’s time to optimize your payer/vendor contracts and unlock the full business potential of your ASC.

If you are interested in elevating your product range with transformative healthcare technology, we’d be happy to discuss the enhanced features and functionality that our next-generation products offer.

Give your customers access to a more robust range of solutions

IDENTI Medical is a global leader in healthcare data collection. 

We utilize image recognition, AI and advanced machine learning algorithms to provide the facility with 100% usage data from the most complex area, transforming them from blind spots into fully-managed environments.

We specialize in capturing highly accurate medical inventory data from the surgical setting, transforming data capture from 40% to 100%.

Our solution easily integrates with existing workflows and technology, enhancing your customers’ current set-up, without any disruption.


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Partner with Us | IDENTI Medical


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Partner with Us | IDENTI Medical


Procedural Area

Operating Room

Nursing Unit

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion

Our combination of cutting-edge hardware and AI technology underpins effective, profitable healthcare management. Adding IDENTI’s automated healthcare technology to your offer can accelerate your success by improving your value proposition and sharpening your competitive edge.

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