Automation technology for 2-Bin Kanban in healthcare

Digital tags to automate your two-bin Kanban system

The Restock Tag

A digital tag that can be attached to your existing Kanban bins for instant automation.

  • Just one press of the ReStock Button triggers a new order.
  • The current stock status is displayed on the tag. 
  • Materials management chooses how to work:
    • Receive restock reports or 
    • Automated requisitions via your ERP system
Automated Two-Bin Kanban | IDENTI Medical

Scan & Restock app

Supplies order management via RFID tags and a mobile app.

  • RFID tags are attached to each bin to add automation.
  • Scan each tag via the app to add, track, or update orders for each bin.
  • Connects to a cloud AI management system.
  • The budget-friendly Kanban automation option.
Automated Two-Bin Kanban | IDENTI Medical

Benefits of our automated 2-bin Kanban solutions:

Supports an average 40%
one-time reduction in
supply room inventory

Reduces waste by achieving a ‘right size’ inventory

No more stock-outs or surpluses

Cuts down on management time and costs

Your easy route to an automated two-bin Kanban solution

Transform your healthcare supply chain with our smart kanban solutions

Simple Switch from manual to automation


Switch from manual to automation

Easy Reduce inventory rounds


Reduce inventory rounds

Accurate Achieve a perpetual inventory


Achieve a perpetual inventory

Get the full picture

Our simple Kanban & PAR Dashboard is designed for easy inventory management.


All our Kanban and PAR solutions are managed under the same cloud software, providing centralized data from all storage areas.

Seamless integration with hospital systems, plus the option to link to vendor ERPs for enhanced synergy and transparency.

IDENTI Medical Proprietary and Patent Technology


IDENTI’s Kanban solutions are suitable for any store room configuration.
Tags can attach to bins, shelving or drawers.
We fit in with your current set-up.

IDENTI’s Kanban solutions are suitable for any store room configuration.