Item Master Management

Maintain your hospital Item Master on-the-fly with AI vision

Harness the power of AI vision for real-time Item Master updates

When you think about it, the status of the hospital Item Master is always pre or post cleanup, so the timespan of a clean catalog that’s free from “bad data” is exceptionally brief.

Item Master lists typically include between 10,000 to 100,00 lines, with an average healthcare provider holding data on around 50-60,000 SKUs. Much of this data is dynamic, with vendors making up to 10 million changes to item data each year. This makes managing SKU-level data a time-consuming task that requires substantial organizational time and resources.

Common Item Master Management Challenges:
Incomplete/inaccurate data in the item master causes barcode readability issues (if the GTIN encoded in a barcode is not in the system, the scan will fail.)
OR systems often do not have a data governance process in place to help them resolve data quality issues once they are discovered.

It’s time to break free from the cycle of fixing “dirty data” or completing partial information. Embrace the Snap&Go AI documentation revolution and benefit from on-the-go item master maintenance.

Item master management | IDENTI Medical

Ensure data gaps and typing errors don’t disrupt perioperative documentation and compromise your patient records

item master bill only

Make sure ‘bill-only’, ‘off contract’ and substitute items are fully charged and recorded in the EHR, without being preloaded into the system

data error

Liberate your clinical team from manual workarounds when the system fails, and from the frustration of fixing data errors

AI-Led Item Master Maintenance:
The Future of Healthcare Standardization

Snap&Go employs image recognition technology to capture product information. This includes full UDI data such as batch numbers, serial numbers, manufacturer SKUs, and more, which are then directed to your local item catalog for identification. If there’s no match or missing information, the system cross-references our continuously updated virtual database, maintained by the daily activity of our global community.

Utilizing Snap&Go’s machine learning algorithm, we rectify data gaps to ensure complete item details are documented in the EHR and master lists. If the item remains unrecognized, our human back-office team reviews the proof-of-use image and fills in the missing data. This proven combination ensures 100% accuracy in your charting process and item master workflow.


Prevent delays: ensure the smooth flow of data into the EHR without bottlenecks

Prevent errors: Put an end to risky, keyed-in data, following failed item master validation.


Go proactive: Stop chasing your tail and ensure the perpetual maintenance of your item catalog

Why you need to end the reliance on your local item master

Discover our Implant Management Bundle

The comprehensive solution for UDI Management – personalize to each sub page.

Gaining full oversight of your implants requires the tracking of both stock levels and consumption. Our AI-powered implant management solution optimizes your data collection capabilities, giving you the full picture you need for smarter implant management.

Use cloud AI tech to build trust and transparency between supply chain partners, through shared data.



RFID for hospitals = full inventory transparency

UHF RFID Cabinet and Mobile Hand Scanner – for the management of tagged medical devices, tissue and implant. 

  • Real-time, item-level visibility and control.
  • Digital, UDI-compliant stock records.
  • Effective expiry management.
  • Automated, data-driven restocks.
  • Inventory metrics, reports and insights


Perpetual stock monitoring and dynamic data keeps you up to date with inventory levels and steers management decisions. 


The image-to-data revolution

SNAP&GO gives perioperative teams superpowers! The innovative image-capture technology delivers full digital charting in OR and Procedure Rooms – using patent-protected image-capture technology.

Currently, all existing solutions on the market depend on scanning technology—barcode/RFID/QRCODE—or necessitate manual data entry within EHR software. If an item is absent from the item master, nurses encounter difficulty completing reports as they receive error messages at the point of use.

Through a blend of image processing technology, which decodes images of items, it’s now possible to record items not present in the item master.
Watch the video below to see the power of three-second item capture:

Elevate your Item Master Management:

Maintain a consolidated hospital item taster without the involvement of the medical team

Data Is transferred into the Hospital Item-Master and EMR/ERP systems in 3 seconds!

Item master management | IDENTI Medical
Item master management | IDENTI Medical

Unrecognized items are identified by IDENTI’s Back-Office Team, who complete missing information

Item master management | IDENTI Medical
Item master management | IDENTI Medical

Image is identified and routed through a global database and an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm

Item master management | IDENTI Medical
Item master management | IDENTI Medical

Full product information Is captured via Image Recognition Technology

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