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Snap & Go decodes images of standard surgical products to accurately identify products used in hospitals, particularly departments like the Cath lab, and IR, OR and EP labs, where surgical and interventional procedures are performed. Snap & Go utilizes advanced image recognition technology, combined with other data captured technology like OCR, AI and machine learning in one platform. Backed by a rich database source of UPN & UDI catalog information, Snap & Go’s patented data-capture technology is capable of achieving 100% accuracy of procedure information.

The following infographic demonstrates the comparison between traditional data-capture technology such as barcode, QR code, or RFID, and the comprehensive impact of Snap & Go’s computer vision technology.


Billing Reconciliation of Surgical Inventory

Did you know that data integrity can support surgical billing reconciliation? When all types of inventory and associated costs are reported in a consolidated reporting method, charge capture increases by 84%. If it’s that simple why do hospitals have such a hard time applying it?  The problem begins when there are multiple types of inventory entering the operating room such as “trunk stock” and some are first shown to the hospital’s system only after use. This creates a problem in reporting utilization using existing and traditional techniques, which require the early introduction at the database level to be able to identify and recognize those items at the point of care. Using Snap & Go’s vision technology, healthcare providers are able to identify the item at the moment of use without having to preload it to the hospital’s EMR/MMIS/ERP system or to the Item master data list. The same goes for expiry management—the hospital can also monitor the integrity of products that haven’t come through the warehouse distribution channels.

Have we already said that a Snap & Go is capable of killing two birds with one stone? This is how the source of the problem is treated and not just the symptoms. With accurate data capture technology, your hospital can capture all of the information you need to be able to manage your facilities and get the best out of your operating rooms and procedural rooms. Charges will never be missed again –every cost is accurately captured and passed through to your billing system for complete revenue capture and reimbursement. Inventory management and replenishing stock become extremely easy having all reporting populate in one dashboard report. In addition, with Snap & Go you can analyze average costs and duration of procedures, compare between surgeons and procedures and improve demand planning and productivity through new insights into your operations.


Usage reporting integrity

Another service that is part of Snap&Go‘s comprehensive and holistic solution is the hospital’s catalog item list maintenance services. If we take the barcode as an example, there is a very specific structure that must be maintained continuously. Even a minor deviation can lead to a lack of identification of details, and henceforth a chain of reporting glitches that affect both financial aspects such as patient billing, implants that are off-contract and non-file data issues within the patient charting process and regulatory aspects such as UDI process and regulatory pressures to be compliant, and external audits. IDENTI’s human back-office service validates the data obtained from the advanced Snap & Go algorithm that knows how to detect a mismatch to the database. Our back-office team corrects it, adds missing information, and then returns it to the hospital’s item master and most importantly, without the clinical staff having to engage in administrative tasks for patient care.


Reviewing the benefits indicates that the image capture technology is more than a regular healthcare inventory management system that can offer healthcare providers to treat symptoms, but rather is also capable to solve some of the challenging problems surgical services have:

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