Expiry Tracking and Recall Management

Use AI to provide a safety net that prevents the accidental usage of unsafe items.

Safety validation of products behind the ‘red line”

Adverse events in the operating room due to expired or recalled products can have serious consequences for patient safety and surgical outcomes. These events occur when medical devices, instruments, or supplies that have passed their expiration date or have been recalled by the manufacturer are inadvertently used during surgical procedures.

Such occurrences can lead to a range of adverse outcomes, including:

Surgical Complications: Expired or recalled products may malfunction or fail during surgery, leading to unexpected complications such as bleeding, infection, or tissue damage.

Delayed Treatment: If a necessary instrument or device is found to be expired or recalled during surgery, it can cause delays in treatment as the surgical team must quickly find a suitable replacement or alternative.

Patient Harm: In the worst-case scenario, the use of expired or recalled products can directly result in harm to the patient, including injuries, infections, or other serious complications that may require additional medical intervention or prolong hospitalization.

Legal and Regulatory Consequences: Healthcare facilities may face legal and regulatory repercussions if they are found to have used expired or recalled products during surgery, including potential lawsuits, fines, or sanctions from regulatory agencies.

Unfortunately, Nurses report that expired and recalled items regularly make it through to the operating room – presenting a high risk to patients.
Snap&Go provides pre-consumption safety alerts to flag up unsafe items and prevent ‘never events’.

Expiry & Recall management | IDENTI Medical
Expiry & Recall management | IDENTI Medical

Providers need to have a process in place to ‘catch’ any expired or recalled items that make it into surgery.


Expiry & Recall management | IDENTI Medical

An automated detection system for unsafe products is the best line of defense – taking the pressure off busy perioperative nurses.


Expiry & Recall management | IDENTI Medical

System reports help providers to quickly access the exact data they need for robust recall management.


Why product safety management is important

STAFF TIME: The entry made by the nurse will be fed into

Putting a product safety management process in place can impact healthcare organizations in three ways:

PATIENT SAFETY: Protect patients by safeguarding them against product validation lapses.

COSTS: Prevent ‘never events’ with safer care delivery that mitigates the risk of high litigation costs.

STAFF: Take the pressure off nurses by providing an automated shield against product safety lapses, and making perioperative supply documentation simple.

Operation Room

Safeguard against ‘never events’ by preventing the accidental usage of expired or recalled implants.

Achieve accurate EHR records with complete and correct surgical supply documentation.

Get recall-ready by ensuring your supply utilization records can be easily interrogated.

Expiry and recall management at the point of use

Snap&Go uses image recognition and AI technology to fully manage and control product safety at the point of care. It provides an added layer of protection for patients during and after surgery – and in doing so boosts organizational compliance, while reducing risk.

Handling product recalls with confidence

Two levels of recall protection:
Records: Snap&Go’s computer vision and AI technology ensures full and accurate supply utilization records in the patient file.
Reports: A searchable batch database takes seconds to identify which patients consumed the recalled item.