UDI Management

AI and computer vision delivers full UDI data capture at the point of care

Use AI to beat the challenge of UDI tracking in the operating room

Precision UDI tracking delivers implant transparency and traceability.
Yet all too often technology fails to fully monitor this high value inventory, leading to inefficient inventory management, and putting both UDI compliance and patients at risk.

In today’s digital era, capturing UDI at the point of care demands an Automatic Identification Data Capture (AIDC) tool. However, many hospitals still rely on traditional systems that struggle to handle the intricate array of the healthcare supply chain overall, particularly the inventory flowing through operating rooms.

Capturing and recording the UDI data of every high value item consumed in surgery is a difficult task.

Common UDI capture challenges:

  • Barcode readability issues
  • The collection of partial data only.
  • Dynamic coding, eg. changes to the GTIN, resulting in Item Master mismatches and failed scans.
  • Bill-only, off contract and substitute items that aren’t ‘in the system’.
  • Lengthy manual workarounds with a high risk of UDI data errors and omissions.

The new way forward:
Traditional tech has failed and providers are looking towards next generation technology for a solution.

New image recognition, AI and machine learning technology has finally cracked UDI documentation.
100% reporting and full UDI capture, sent straight to the EHR, ERP and MMIS.

UDI management | IDENTI Medical
UDI management | IDENTI Medical

Be recall-ready. Plug UDI data gaps and prevent inputting errors, with a fully automated process that safeguards patients.

UDI management | IDENTI Medical

No need to preload. Make sure full UDI details of ‘bill-only’ and ‘off contract’ items are recorded, despite not being in the system.

UDI management | IDENTI Medical

Liberate perioperative nurses from time-consuming manual workarounds and fixes that take them away from patient care.

Documentation audit?

Be UDI compliant in a single “Snap”!

Next-Gen data capture: Snap&Go uses image recognition and AI technology to seamlessly capture full product information at the point of use, including SKU, batch number, serial/lot, expiry date and more.

30-40% reduction in Peri-Op admin: Nurses simply place the item under the computer vision sensor, wait for the green light to flash (in just 3 seconds) and can then rest assured that full UDI details will be electrically recorded in the electronic health record.

Automated item validation: Access to a globally-populated SKU database ensures every item is verified, whether its listed in your local item master or not.

Auto corrections: AI technology and machine learning algorithms support data-fixing and gap-filling, so that every item has a correct, standardized UDI entry.


Compliance – ensure audit-proof documentation and full regulatory compliance


Reduced admin: Release nurses from time-consuming data-entry with a fully automated process.

Recalls – quickly discover which patients have been effected by a product or batch recall.

The benefits of using Snap&Go for UDI tracking at the point of use

The image to data revolution

Existing point-of-use systems are inadequate and routinely result in incomplete and non-compliant patient records.

Snap & Go is custom-made for the surgical setting and uses patented image recognition and AI technology to fully automate surgical supply utilization. 

Futuristic computer vision “reads” product packages, labels, and even hand-written implant sheets, ensuring complete and correct UDI implant details in your patient records. 

New technology boosts patient safety with 100% UDI capture and full medical device traceability.

It’s time to join the image-to-data revolution.