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This video showcases new image recognition and AI technology as a point of use supply documentation tool.

Check out the video to:

  • See speedy product data capture in operating rooms
  • Understand how automation is lightening the supply chain workload of circulating nurses
  • See the benefit of full OR data capture in healthcare

Point of use system for product usage documentation

In this two-minute video short, our partner Gary Moe, President & CEO at our partner, ID Integration, gives a live demo of Snap&Go, showing how quick and easy it is to record surgical consumption using new computer vision and AI technology.

Gary takes us through the data capture and documentation of an item in real time, showing how simple it is to get full item reporting and charge capture in just seconds.

Watch this video if you wish you could:

  • Capture product data in 3 seconds
  • Rely upon automated item identification
  • Know that every item consumed has a full and accurate entry in the system.


Demo of computer vision technology as a surgical supply documentation tool

Snap&Go achieves all of these and more, take a look:



The benefits of accurate supply  utilization in surgery

Efficiently documenting the products consumed during surgery poses a significant challenge for circulating nurses, who often grapple with issues like barcode reading errors, system exceptions, and the cumbersome task of manual data entry. Traditional systems, designed for surgical supply documentation, often fall short in addressing these complexities.

Enter Snap&Go—a cutting-edge solution that tackles these common problems head-on:


Swift Automation: Capture an image of the product package or label in just 3 seconds using advanced image recognition technology and let Snap&Go take care of the rest, with its fully automated process.

The benefits of simpler supply utilization: When supply chain documentation is quick and easy there are two immediate wins. Firstly, every item is captured and documented in the EHR – no errors and no gaps. Secondly, the circulating nurse is able to focus on the patient without the distraction of longwinded supply chain documentation.


Versatile Recognition: The system overcomes all the problems associated with POU barcode system limitations, by ‘reading’ the complete packaging or label, and extracting all product data, even where there is no barcode or a defective barcode. Finally, a way to capture product data that breaks free from reliance on barcodes.

The benefit of using image recognition technology; Let’s take an example to understand how computer vision and AI are ensuring ccomplete and accurate and perioperative documentation. If an item is taken out of the packet before reaching surgery, then the lack of a barcode on the inner packet is no barrier to recording the item, as the system is able to identify the item using all the other data and can then fill in any data gaps via its machine learning algorithms.


Safety features: Snap&Go supports patient safety – before and after surgery. It prevents the accidental usage of expired or recalled product and then ensures robust recall management.

The benefits for patient safety: Pre consumption product safety alerts make sure nurses remove any unsafe products that made it over the red line. A searchable batch database ensures product recalls are quickly and efficiently managed. Nurses, our system has your back!


Global SKU Database: Ditch the reliance on the local item master and tap into a globally populated SKU database boasting a million listed items. This virtual item master significantly enhances product identification capabilities.

The benefit of tapping into a global database: Every time a product is “snapped”, by any nurse, in any organization, in any country – all that data is stored for collective reference by every customer. This is like every hospital having a huge, continually updated item master and ensures the smooth flow of documentation, as when the product details are captured, it can be easily identified and recorded.


Interoperability: Enjoy full interoperability as product consumption data seamlessly integrates into Electronic Health Records (EHR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Materials Management Information Systems (MMIS).

The benefits of seamless data sharing: OR data is vital business intelligence and when consumption data is shared with internal workflows, this facilitates efficient healthcare administration and operations.


Image recognition and AI technology enable efficient nurse documentation at the point of care
Image recognition and AI technology enable efficient nurse documentation at the point of care


Nurse feedback on Snap&Go point of use solution

Nurses who have adopted Snap&Go rave about its efficiency compared to traditional methods. Whether it’s barcode scanning, manual input, or other systems, Snap&Go stands out as the quicker and easier choice.

Here are a few comments from AORN networking events:

“Loved the ease of use. It’s super user friendly and takes the guess work out of putting in supplies or implants.”

“It achieves proper identification, documentation, and streamlines the handling of recall notifications.

Actually capturing every item used in a surgical procedure accurately.


Powered by computer vision for rapid data capture and AI software to guarantee comprehensive data collection, Snap&Go ensures every item is recognized and recorded in the operating room and procedural areas.

The system goes the extra mile by providing providers with detailed data on items used but not correctly recorded in their local item master, enabling organizations to enhance their local catalogs with information sourced from the cloud.

Embrace the future of surgical supply documentation with Snap&Go—efficiency, accuracy, and seamless integration at your fingertips.

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