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Kanban and PAR inventory management systems are found in most healthcare organizations, but the times are a changing and it could be time for an upgrade. In this article read:

  • The benefits of automation over manual Kanban and PAR solutions
  • Digital, wireless, weight-based PAR bins have arrived!
  • Re-Stock tags can convert manual Kanban bins into a digital Kanban system
  • Scan and Restock App to speed up your restocks and remove the need for manual counting.
  • Why it’s good to go hybrid
  • The power of managing software

It’s time to automate your Kanban and PAR systems

Traditional medical supplies systems such as hospital Two-bin Kanban and healthcare PAR systems, attempt to ensure the continuous supply of consumables. It takes a lot of activity – hours of inventory rounds and stock counting, plus the involvement of nurses in supply chain admin.

Because it’s a manual system, the stock count figures obtained are out-of-date within minutes, and there’s lots of guesswork involved when re-ordering the medical supplies.

While the system works in theory, in practice it’s exhausting for all and is inefficient, resulting in bloated costs, an excessive inventory, plus surpluses and stock-outs.

That’s why automating hospital Kanban and PAR systems can make such a difference.

This blog will look at three easy ways hospital Kanban and PAR systems can go digital!


1. PAR INVENTORY SOLUTION: Digital, Wireless, Weight-Based PAR

We just unleased weight-based PAR – now available in individual bins!

Weight-based PAR is recognized to be the most effective way to automate your inventory management of bulk medical supplies. Built-in scales ensure that there is perpetual inventory vision, based on actual stock levels. The problem is that weight-based PAR bins have only been available in cumbersome units or bars that need to be plugged in to a power source….until now.

In 2022 the first ever wireless, weight-based PAR bin was launched. It is an individual, digital, weight-based unit that continually senses supplies’ levels and auto-generates a restock order when the pre-set order point is reached.

New, digital, wireless-weight-based PAR is just a single bin, so it easily integrates into your supplies’ spaces, adding flexibility of placement and full automation.

These digital PAR bins are so easy to reprogram when there is a change of stock item stored – it’s all done via our mobile app and just takes a minute. No labels. No printing.

Wireless, weight-based PAR is the next generation of inventory management. Our self-replenishing bins assure accurate restocks and continuous supplies.

KANBAN & PAR weighing bin
Wireless, weight-based PAR bin




Your easy route to Two-Bin Kanban automation

The Re-Stock Tag’ is a small, digitalized tag that fits onto your existing Kanban two-bin Kanban system. There’s no need to make any changes to the storage space and no requirement for new bins, just add our little tag.

The ‘Restock Tag’ is the simplest way to convert manual Kanban 2 bin system into a digital inventory management system. It combines your existing two-bin Kanban configuration with advanced RFID technology and AI Cloud software.

The tags are attached to the front of two bin systems and used by nurses to communicate when stocks are low, and once they press the re-stock button the system generates an automated restock requests.

They are simple to use and remove the need for inventory counts.

IDENTI makes it easy to transform regular Kanban bins into ‘smart bins’.

Restock Tag
Restock Tag turns passive bins into two bin Kanban automation




Transform passive bins into smart bins

The ‘Scan and Restock App’ is a mobile app solution for ordering and monitoring medical inventory – it can be used for both Kanban and PAR systems.

‘Scan and Restock’ allows healthcare providers to manage their hospital inventory using existing storage hardware. The system uses NFC RFID cards which are attached to a Kanban or PAR bin and programmed with all the relevant item data via the App. Then the logistics team just need to scan each bin that needs replenishment with the mobile app and hit the restock button to generate an order.

Your teams can use the Scan and Restock App to:

  • Order supplies
  • View the order status of items
  • Enjoy direct messaging between nursing and logistics teams


‘Scan and Restock’ is a low-cost option to automate the management of your bulk supplies. It’s powered by the IDENTI Platform AI cloud software and accessible from any android-based smartphone.

Scan and restock app
Scan and restock app to automate your existing 2 bin Kanban or PAR system


Bonus Option:

Go Hybrid

Many customers decide to use a mix of the Wireless Weight-Based PAR Bin, Restock Tag and Scan and Restock App.

This hybrid Kanban and PAR system will monitor and manage both bulk and high value supplies across your organization. All our Two-Bin Kanban and PAR-Level solutions share the same managing software, so that material managers can get a total overview of all of their supplies, stored across their full range of supplies rooms and storage hardware.

By going hybrid, healthcare providers can determine the best method for each type of stock, taking account of size, volumes and value.


Three Kanban and PAR Solutions – one shared management system

IDENTI’s automated Kanban and PAR solutions are all supported by a central AI Cloud Platform that provides the following benefits:

  • Full, real-time inventory vision
  • Automated restocks
  • Inventory data – metrics, reports and meaningful insights
IDENTI Platform Kanban & PAR Dashboard
IDENTI Platform Kanban & PAR Dashboard



IDENTI makes it easy for hospitals to digitalize their existing Kanban and PAR system. Our tools provide accurate, timely signaling when restocks are due and result in a 40% inventory reduction that has a significant impact on cost and wastage.


In a case study of a hospital that introduced hybrid Kanban and PAR into their supplies’ spaces the following benefits were achieved:



            Up to






Increase in nurse satisfaction with supply chain tasks

Reduction of orders due to consolidation Reduction in time spent by logistics staff in clinical areas

Reduction in stock shortages


IDENTI is making it easy for hospitals and surgery centers to go digital.

Finally, there are simple options for hospitals and ASCs to automate the management of their medical supplies and benefit from meaningful insights that support data-driven decision-making.


Check out our video on IDENTI’s automated Kanban and PAR solutions.

Contact us to find out more.




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