Advanced UDI Data Capture Solution – Snap & Go Tutorial

In this video you will see our award-winning, smart inventory management system and find out how easy it is to ‘snap’ hospital medical inventory at the point of use – freeing up nurses to focus on the patient and not inventory matters.

There are many types of inventory management software for hospitals but IDENTI is a unique, highly advanced system that is quick and easy to use at the point of care. It is welcomed by circulatory nurses and hospital administrators alike as it delivers both healthcare and hospital administration benefits.

What’s the problem? Many hospitals are struggling to manage their medical inventory due to the unpredictable nature of the clinical environment. They suffer from out of stocks, over stocks, loss, wastage and data capture issues. There is also the added risk posed by batch recall or expired items. In the chaotic atmosphere at the point of healthcare delivery, and with patient care being the main focus for the clinical team, unfortunate inventory mistakes can happen.

How does it affect the bottom line? From a hospital administration perspective inefficient inventory management causes increased admin (by nurses as well as admin staff) plus it has a significant financial effect due a misalignment between actual item usage and charge capture. Adding to this financial burden is the cost and impact of inefficient expiry management, ‘never event’ litigation and a procurement system that is based more on gut instinct than actual stock levels.

Our Solution: IDENTI Medical has found a simple, point of use solution that solves all of these issues. Snap & Go is a smart inventory management system using revolutionary image recognition and object capture technology to record all medical implants and consumables used during surgery.

This includes crucial data such as the lot, serial number and expiration date – which our advanced technology reads directly from supplier packaging, assuring accuracy. Clinical staff can now be freed from scanning bar codes and searching for product information, as well as being protected from the risk of ‘never events’ by our automated warning flags for expired/recalled items. Bottom line: the nurses get to nurse and patient safety is paramount.

Integration: Our system assures UDI compliance and integrates with all your existing hospital technology – providing you with automated, data-driven procurement, medical billing that’s based on actual (not partial) inventory costs and optimum reimbursement.

Automated, Weight Based PAR Bin

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