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Hospital PAR systems are being upgraded with new PAR automation technology.

This article looks at:

  • The problems with manual PAR-level management in healthcare
  • PAR inventory system with automated replenishment
  • The benefits of PAR data for medical supply management
  • Hybrid Kanban and PAR solutions for hospitals

The management of low value hospital medical supplies needs to be tightly controlled so that all products are in the right place at the right time when nurses reach out for them.

Here are 5 reasons to ditch your old PAR hospital supplies storage bins – the next generation of PAR bin is here!

1.      Older PAR hospital supplies systems are not a perfect fit

Many hospitals use Kanban and PAR inventory management systems to store their bulk, low-cost inventory. These systems are best known for their colorful storage bins, but the best hospital supply storage systems are so much more than plastic containers.

Modern Kanban and PAR systems may store stock in plastic bins, but their simple appearance belies their smart capabilities.

A top-level Kanban and PAR system today generally has many useful features; however, even quite sophisticated systems can have their downsides:

  • Many systems are not fully automated (even though they say they are), requiring nurses to click buttons each time they remove an item.
  • Some require special storage rooms and are made up of fixed cabinets that take up a lot of space, and these aren’t always a neat fit into existing storage spaces.
  • Many systems still require materials management staff to read bin barcode labels in order to reorder stocks, making them labor intensive


2.      Discover the weight-based weighing bin that self-replenishes!

At IDENTI we use technology to provide an instant upgrade to your medical inventory supply chain workflows.

We have just launched a brand new, automated weight-based inventory management system for hospitals which is completely portable and automatically replenishes itself!

We recognize that nurses just want to grab and go, so this new generation of smart weighing bin has no buttons to press, no barcodes to scan, in fact it requires no action at all by clinical staff.

3.      No more fixed locations – it’s the bin that comes with you!

Weight based inventory management is a proven method of gaining visibility and control of inventory. However, existing systems are large and inflexible.

The new IDENTI smart weighing bin is an innovative upgrade, taking the PAR bin up to another level.

Each plastic bin has in-built scales and is therefore totally portable. No more fixed shelving or power cables – our PAR bin has been unleashed – giving you complete flexibility in how you set up your supplies room!

The IDENTI smart weighing bin is the first completely flexible option on the market, providing a portable, automated, individual unit that works via Wi-Fi.

Weighing bin configuration
Weighing bin configuration

4.      Real-time usage data direct to hospital and supplier ERMs

Our automated weight-based inventory management bin for hospital medical inventory uses patented RFID technology and links in to the IDENTI AI Management System in the cloud.

Each smart bin logs item usage in real-time and flags up when it’s short on supplies, auto-generating an order in both the hospital and supplier’s ERP system.

Real-time data on stock levels and reorder status is visible on the IDENTI Management System by all parties. Data analytics are also available to inform budget and inventory planning.

Automated tracking, real-time stock visibility and automated, data-driven procurement all result in leaner supply chains and optimized on hand inventory, making surpluses and stock outs a thing of the past.

5.      It’s flexible and is great for hybrid storage spaces

There are three sizes of the automated weighing bin, making sure that it can accommodate different types of product. Each bin is pre-programmed with the individual SKU for the product it stores.

At IDENTI we understand that flexibility is required to get the most out of your cramped medical supplies storage spaces. That’s why our individual automated weighing bin is great for use within a hybrid storage system. Mix it up with other storage solutions such as the two bin Kanban system, giving optimum storage solutions for of a range of hospital supplies in one space.


Hybrid Kanban & PAR solution
Hybrid Kanban & PAR solution


And don’t forget, it’s portable!

Take the whole bin to the point of care to make things extra easy and prevent repeat trips to the supplies room.

We’re so excited to launch our self-replenishing smart weighing bin – it’s the smartest PAR bin on the block and we can’t wait to introduce it to your hospital or surgery center!


See our ‘video short’ on the Wireless Weight-Based PAR Bin:



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