Tissue Tracking Management

AI-led tissue management system for improved safety, efficiency, and cost control

Achieve complete tissue visibility with automated tracking

The key to optimal tissue and bone management lies in complete and real-time visibility of your tissue inventory. 

Tissue implants plays a vital role in cath lab procedures, orthopedic, plastic and general surgeries. However, managing valuable tissue stock effectively can present a complex challenge for healthcare providers. Inefficient tissue and bone management can lead to:

Wasted inventory: Expiry management issues mean that tissue is often discarded due to poor visibility into stock levels and short expiry dates.
Surgical delays: Missing or misplaced tissues causing delays during critical procedures.
Compliance issues: Incomplete or inaccurate documentation leading to potential regulatory violations.
Increased costs: Unnecessary waste and inefficiencies drivie up healthcare expenditure.

Traditional tissue management systems are prone to errors and inconsistencies. Here’s how new technology can revolutionize your tissue management.

Tissue Management System | IDENTI Medical
Tissue Management System | IDENTI Medical

Automated Tissue Tracking

RFID technology offers precise tracking of each tissue implant, providing real-time data on location, quantity, and expiry dates. This eliminates the need for manual checks and ensures accurate inventory control.

Keep it simple

Streamlined Workflows

Automated systems streamline tissue ordering, receiving, and storage processes, optimizing staff time and resources and ensuring a continuous supply of tissue stock.

Simple Kanban and Par

Improved Decision-Making

Data-driven insights empower informed decisions about tissue procurement, allocation, and usage, minimizing waste and ensuring optimal stock levels.

Your Automated Tissue Management Solution

TotalSense, our intelligent smart cabinet solution, leverages UHF RFID technology to provide comprehensive tissue management:

  • Automated Inventory Tracking: Track each tissue implant in real-time, with instant visibility into location, quantity, and expiry dates.
  • First-Expire, First-Out (FEFO) Management: Ensure the oldest tissues are used first, minimizing waste and maximizing tissue utilization.
  • Automated Alerts: Receive real-time alerts for low stock levels and expiring tissues, allowing for proactive restocking and preventing delays.
  • Secure Chain of Custody: Maintain a secure chain of custody from procurement to implantation, ensuring tissue integrity and compliance.
TotalSense UHF RFID Smart Cabinet for surgical implant tracking

The benefits of automated tissue management using RFID

TotalSense is a smart cabinet system that utilizes RFID technology to deliver digital tissue tracking and management, ensuring real-time visibility and optimized stock control.

The RFID cabinet delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduced Tissue Waste: Minimize expired tissue discards by ensuring optimal stock rotation and usage.
  • Improved Surgical
  • Efficiency: Automated tissue monitoring and restocks guarantee the availability of the right tissue at the right time.
  • Chain of Custody: Accurate chain of custody information recorded in the system.
  • Enhanced Patient Safety: Ensures full tissue traceability and regulatory compliance (eg. FDA, Joint Commission).
  • Streamlined Workflows: Automate manual tasks and optimize staff time for higher productivity.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce waste and improve operational efficiency for significant cost reductions.


While monitoring. tissue stock is an important task, it’s important to ensure accurate tracking continues at the point of use.

Tracking tissue utilization in surgeries and procedures

Technology is able to improve surgical efficiency with tissue management. Ensuring the automatic and accurate data capture of tissue consumption in surgery ensures that a direct digital link is made between every tissue implant and the recipient patient

Check out how image recognition and AI technology are revolutionizing point of use tissue documentation and ensuring every consumed tissue implant is associated with the patient in the EHR.

Usage Reports: Gain insights into tissue utilization patterns to optimize inventory management and procurement strategies.

Demand Forecasting: Anticipate future needs and ensure adequate tissue stock to meet surgical demands.

Expiry and Recall Management: Ensure all unsafe stock is removed to minimize patient risk and compliance issues

Empowering informed decisions with data analytics

IDENTI’s solutions don’t just track your tissue inventory; they transform tissue data into actionable insights.

Healthcare managers stumble in the dark without data. Precise tissue data empowers informed decision-making. Accurate, timely data is key. Meaningful reports translate complex information into actionable insights. The IDENTIPlatform is the AI managing software for our inventory management solutions, generating real-time metrics, reports and data analytics – and ensuring seamless integration with your EHR, ERP, and MMIS.

It’s time to embrace data to transform healthcare management from guesswork to precision using automated tissue tracking software for hospitals.

Boost Tissue Management with AI vision

SNAP&GO™ : the image to data revolution for point of use reporting

Snap & Go is custom-made for the surgical setting and uses patented image recognition and AI technology to fully automate surgical supply utilization. 

Futuristic computer vision “reads” product packages, labels, and even hand-written implant sheets, ensuring complete and correct UDI implant details in your patient records – no gaps, no errors. 

New technology boosts patient safety with 100% automated UDI capture and full medical device traceability. It’s time to join the image-to-data revolution.

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