Automation technology for two-bin Kanban and PAR


Your easiest route to automated medical supplies management

Accurate Kanban and Par


Go from ‘best guess’ to real data

Simple Kanban and Par


Move from labor-intensive

to effortless supplies management

Efficient Kanban and Par


Put an end to stockouts and rush orders

Medical supply management made easy

Healthcare providers are struggling to manage more products with fewer staff, while at the same time trying to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to an automated Kanban or PAR solution in healthcare.

Gain insight into your inventory

IDENTI’s automated Kanban and PAR solutions are all managed under a single AI cloud management system.

  • Simple Kanban & PAR Dashboard: User-friendly interface, real-time data,
    and easy-to-understand reports.
  • Get the full picture: Gain full inventory vision via metrics, reports, and analytics.
  • Work smarter: Data-driven inventory management. Streamlined inventory, reduced labor, and lower costs.
  • Seamless integration: Interoperability with hospital ERP, EHR, and MMIS.
  • Transparency: Option to link to vendor ERPs for a shared vision and
    increased synergy.
Kanban and Par - IDENTI Medical

The combination of digital hardware plus advanced software turns passive supply rooms into automated inventory hubs.


Discover the first ever Wireless,
Weight-Based PAR bin!

• Flexible placement – no cable!
• Real-time stock visibility
• Creates its own restock order
• Digital display – no printing labels


Transform your Kanban bins into

smart bins!

• Add our digital tag to your bins
• Push button technology – one press triggers an order
• Seamless integration with ERP



Read one hospital’s journey moving from a manual medical supply management system to an automated solution.

Discover how:

  • Logistics staff spent half as much time on the ward
  • Nurses no longer spent ANY time on inventory orders
  • Nurse satisfaction increased from 53% to 90%
  • Material Management spent 50% less time in the department.
Kanban store mesudar
Automating the hospital’s Kanban & PAR system minimized the role of clinical staff in supplies management.

Automating the hospital’s Kanban & PAR system minimized the role of clinical staff in supplies management.

Materials Management found that less really does equal more, with fewer inventory rounds yet more accurate, timely data.

Find out how integrating autonomous bins and digital tags saved money, reduced labor and improved efficiency.



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