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Video of automation technology for hospital 2-Bin Kanban & PAR systems

Video of automation technology for hospital 2-Bin Kanban & PAR systems


Hospital 2-Bin Kanban and PAR-level systems

Healthcare consumable stock management is a never-ending task. Bulk supplies have a high usage rate, so hospitals and surgery centers need to be constantly monitoring storeroom supplies and ordering restocks in time to prevent stock-outs.

During these financially difficult times, there is pressure on hospital materials managers to reduce medical inventory wastage and costs.

Many healthcare providers are also running on reduced staff, so minimizing labor-intensive materials management activities is becoming ever-more crucial.

For these reasons, many healthcare organizations are looking for simple ways to add speed, accuracy and efficiency into their hospital two-bin Kan and PAR-level systems.

Two-Bin Kanban and PAR automation for healthcare

Hospital Kanban systems and PAR inventory bins are commonly used but are known to struggle as a medical inventory management system.

New technology is now becoming available that can automate existing medical supplies management systems in hospitals and ambulatory care centers.

Digital tags can now be added to regular Kanban bins, converting them into electronic bins.

Hospital PAR-bins go digital

We look at how existing medical supply PAR bins can be transformed into smart bins and check out the latest technical advances in hospital consumable supply management – the first ever wireless, weight-based PAR bin.

This new approach is unleashing weight-based PAR from big, cumbersome units, and enabling complete freedom of placement.

Automated inventory management for medical supplies

New tools can now automate passive Kanban and PAR systems, making use of the existing hardware so that there is no disruption to the existing supply room configuration.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to achieve an automated medical inventory management system in healthcare.

  • Automation puts an end to stock counting and minimizes inventory rounds.
  • It results in accurate monitoring and ordering of stock items with minimal admin.


IDENTI makes is easy for hospitals and surgery centers to upgrade to an automated Kanban and PAR solution.

Watch our video for an introduction to IDENTI’s automation tools for hospital 2-bin Kanban and PAR systems.



It’s easier than you may think to automate a passive system. IDENTI makes it easy to upgrade your regular 2-bin kanban or PAR-level management systems into automated inventory management systems

Contact us to find out more about transforming your hospital 2-bin kanban or PAR inventory management system into an automated medical supplies management solution.



Automated Kanban and PAR solutions for healthcare
                                      Automated Kanban and PAR solutions for healthcare

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automation technology for hospital 2-bin kanban & par


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