The Henry Ford school of thought on OR data capture

Henry Ford was an innovator who brought cars to the masses and understood how to improve business processes.

He famously said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

If Henry was around today and tasked with solving POU documentation challenges – we’re sure that he wouldn’t focus on inadequate technology, such as barcode scanners.

Henry would try something different.


You don’t need a faster horse

There’s common agreement around the challenges of item capture in surgical spaces and the problems that circulatory nurses face when trying to document usage.

But there’s a real lack of knowledge about the best solution.

When asked how to tackle their POC challenges, hospitals assume that they need barcode scanners or simpler POU software.

Henry was right – they are looking for ‘faster horses’ because they have no concept of cars.


So, we’d like to show you what’s possible.

We want to introduce a new way of working.

We’d like to share with you the future of POU item capture – using patent-protected image recognition technology.


Snap & Go image recognition
Snap & Go


Nurses want a POC item capture tool that gets the job done

All too often perioperative nurses are weighed down by longwinded utilization workflows and ineffective tools.

It’s time to lighten the supply chain admin burden that nurses struggle with day in, day out.


The new point of care utilization software that speeds through surgical supply documentation

Snap & Go is the next generation of POU item and surgical charge capture.

Designed for use by nurses in surgical spaces, it uses patented image-recognition technology to provide full utilization documentation on the EHR, ERP and MMIS.

Nurses simply need to take a quick ‘snap’ of product packaging and that’s it, job done!

It takes just 3 seconds to automatically document full UDI and charges in all hospital systems, plus provide pre-consumption recall and expiry alerts.

Award-winning Snap & Go uses computer vision to record EVERY item.

It taps into a global database so that no chargeable SKU gets left unrecorded – even nonstock items like trunk stock are easily documented.


Identi Medical addresses OR inventory management challenges by simplifying and streamlining the process with SNAP&GO™
Identi Medical addresses OR inventory management challenges by simplifying and streamlining the process with SNAP&GO™


Snap& Go.

No barcodes.

No handheld readers.

Just health-tech innovation that allows nurses to focus on patients.

We’d like to think that Henry would approve.


See a video of Snap&Go

If you want to future-proof your inventory management tracking at the point of care, it’s time to step into the future of surgical supply documentation. Request a demo.

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