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Medical Trunk Stock is a Risky Blind Spot

Medical Trunk Stock is a Risky Blind Spot


Trunk stock tends to be made up of big dollar, high-value items such as medical devices and implants.

These items are the most important for hospitals to track and document.

Tracking medical devices and implants

Gaining control of medical inventory comes down to achieving end-to-end item tracking.

But what about items that get delivered straight into surgery – like  ‘just in time’ items and trunk stock?

These products are not ‘in the system’ and present challenges for hospitals and healthcare organizations.

This video presentation explores the complex issue of trunk stock.

In the video we look at why hospitals continue to rely on trunk stock and discuss the administrative challenges that it presents.


Item and charge capture at the point of use

The non-capture of regulatory UDI  data and item charges are both serious repercussions to unrecorded trunk stock – so finding a solution is crucial.

Trunk stock does not appear on the item master list – which is the data source for inventory tracking and utilization.

Because there is no central reference point, when circulatory nurses scan items used in surgery there is no match on the system, so the item cannot be documented in the usual way.

This means that UDI and billing data are not recorded – resulting in patient safety and compliance risks, as well as incomplete billing and lost reimbursement.

The solution is accurate point of use item and charge capture that documents EVERY item, even trunk stock.

POU tool for accurate utilization

Snap & Go uses patent-protected image recognition technology to digitally document all items, even those not on the master catalog list.

Snap & Go takes just 3 seconds to record any item at the POU!

This is a tool that saves nurses time and accurately records all product data directly into the EHR, ERP and MMIS.

Finally, there is a quick and easy way to bring trunk stock onto hospital systems – providing patient protection, organizational compliance and medical billing that reflects the full cost of surgery.

Snap & Go recognizes that nurses are the last line of defense – it flags up expiry or recall alerts prior to consumption, providing a final safety net that takes the pressure off nurses.


Your trunk stock issues are solved. Snap&Go has got it covered!

Find out more about Snap & Go.





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Trunk stock is a risky blind spot


 Usage capture at point-of-use

Tissue and implant tracking

Medical supplies replenishment

Full control over narcotics and medications


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