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POU data capture technology is about to enter a new era – this blog will cover:

  • How to support nurses long after Perioperative Nurses Week
  • Why POU data capture is such a frustrating task
  • The next generation of perioperative software for data capture
  • Nurse feedback on using computer vision for point of use data capture

This week is Perioperative Nurses Week – the time to celebrate the dedication of perioperative nurses, and to reflect on everything they do.

Perioperative nurses deliver high quality care in the surgical setting, but the role and expectations on these core staff is ever evolving. As surgical spaces embrace technology, nurses are getting to grips with an increasing amount of digitalization.

Over the past few years, a common challenge has emerged that is sidetracking nurses from direct patient care.

The electronic tracking of items used during surgery has become a key task. If POU data capture technology was efficient, then intraoperative documentation wouldn’t be too big of a burden. The problem is that point of use data capture tools are inadequate and nurses often struggle to achieve full item charting, particularly during complex surgeries – mainly due to barcode errors or system limitations.

It’s a frustration we hear voiced again and again.

Nurse feedback on POU data capture difficulties

This week IDENTI is out and about, talking to perioperative nurses at several AORN events.

During our meetings, nurses regularly tell us about the time and effort it takes to document items during surgery. They tell us how they often end up keying-in product data, one item at a time.

Nurses understand that:

  • Robust surgical documentation provides the data that feeds several internal workflows, such as inventory management and medical billing.
  • Full and accurate charting provides a safeguard for patients by ensuring ease of identification, should a future product recall occur.


With such a lot at stake, it’s a shame that POU data capture tools so often fail to routinely capture full item data. The frustrating knock-on effect is that nurses end up laboriously keying-in manual data in order to digitally document usage.

Busy nurses get pulled in so many different directions and can make keying-in errors or fail to enter every item.

The reality is that when an item is not documented at the point of care, it runs the risk of not being recorded at all.

POU data capture systems are failing perioperative nurses

Current systems are broken, and nurses deserve better.

Although healthcare providers are well aware of the limitations of their POU documentation tools, there’s not really been a viable alternative. Barcode scanners have been the main POU data capture technology… but that’s about to change.

Point of use tracking doesn’t need to be complicated, but the route to simplicity involves a completely new way of capturing data.

Introducing Snap & Go, the next generation of POU data capture, using advanced computer vision technology.


Snap & Go POU data capture made easy
Snap & Go POU data capture made easy


Snap & Go is a brand-new surgical data capture solution.

Using patented image recognition technology, Snap & Go is the only POU data capture tool that achieves 100% utilization with ease.

  • It just takes 3 seconds to identify and record each item in your EMR, ERP and MMIS.
  • No exceptions! Every item is captured. Snap & Go doesn’t rely on inefficient barcodes or Item Master entries.
  • Works for non-stock items, substitute products and bill only items,
  • Snap & Go can even digitally record hand-completed implant sheets.


IDENTI is committed to developing solutions that help perioperative nurses to focus on what they do best.

By automating and simplifying the process of recording usage, Snap & Go allows nurses to claw back all that time previously lost to unsuccessful item scanning and manual documentation, freeing them up to focus on patient care.

How does Snap & Go image recognition work?

Snap & Go takes a quick ‘snap’ of product packaging then goes through an item verification process.

  • Computer vision ‘reads’ full product information from the packet, ensuring all UDI and billing data is captured.
  • Item recognition is now independent – no longer relying on the Item Master alone, as it taps into a global SKU database.
  • Automated, digital recording of all items onto the ERP, EMR, MMIS
  • Pre-consumption safety alerts to prevent the accidental usage of expired or recalled items.


What do Perioperative Nurses think of the new Snap & Go data capture tool?

The most common reaction from nurses when they see Snap & Go in action is, “Wow!”

Their next comment is usually, “That’s it? Nothing else needs doing?”

As one Director of Perioperative Services told us, Snap & Go is, “… a better use of professional time, that allows the RN to go back to caring for the patient and feel confident that all items and charges have been captured.”

We’re committed to helping perioperative nurses work smarter, not harder. Our simple POU data capture tool automates documentation so that nurses can focus on providing the best possible care for their patients.

Take a look at a video of Snap & Go to see how it works:


At IDENTI Medical, we use technology to design nurse-centric solutions for robust item tracking in the surgical suite.

This Perioperative Nurses Week, why not do something that reduces the admin burden on your hardworking perioperative nurses?

Discover the new, cool tool that delivers quick, easy and accurate patient charting. Lighten the load on your perioperative nurses while at the same time boosting patient safety, ensuring regulatory compliance and optimizing case revenue.


IDENTI is proud to support perioperative nurses.

Happy Perioperative Nurses Week! Thank you for everything you do!


Contact us to book a demo of Snap & Go.

Let’s work together to ease the load on your Perioperative Nurses.


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