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Check out our latest press release announcing that Snap&Go is now fully integrated with EPIC EHR software.

This announcement paves the way for seamless integration between Snap&Go and EPIC, leading to enhanced documentation capabilities and seamless data sharing for the most commonly used electronic health record software.

Snap&Go’ point-of-use data capture tool is now integrated with EPIC electronic health records system. This EPIC integration elevates the capabilities of EPIC EHR for real-time documentation of implant consumption.

Patent-protected Snap&Go,’ a groundbreaking point-of-use data capture tool developed by IDENTI Medical, is seamlessly integrated with EPIC EHR. This integration elevates the capabilities of the EHR system, enabling the real-time documentation of implant consumption at the point of use. This innovative solution addresses gaps in data collection and charge capture, automating a process that was once time-consuming and cumbersome for nurses. Now, with just a 3-second digital image capture, assisted by advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, the documentation process is efficient and compliant with UDI FDA regulations.


Snap&Go integration with EPIC
Snap&Go integration with EPIC


Third-party add-on boosts EPIC EHR data collection capabilities

EPIC EHR and Snap&Go integration
EPIC EHR and Snap&Go integration


Snap&Go’s unique use of image recognition and AI technology allows nurses to easily capture comprehensive details of the products consumed during surgery, with full item and charge capture then populating the patient file. The seamless interface with EPIC significantly reduces the administrative burden on nurses by streamlining perioperative documentation workflows, while ensuring complete and correct surgical supply utilization records.

‘Snap&Go’ was awarded Vizient’s Innovative Technology Designation Award in 2023 and is already integrated with several EMR and ERP systems, such as: Cerner, SAP, Infor and more. These integrations represent a crucial step in IDENTI’s journey towards becoming a mainstream provider of data sensing tools for operating rooms and procedural areas.





EPIC integration for Snap&Go - delivering enhanced surgical supply documentation | IDENTI Medical
Snap&Go enhances EHR supply documentation capabilities and reduces nurse workload


Key features of ‘Snap&Go’ computer vision sensor

Snap&Go‘s unique technology boosts EPIC surgical supply data capture in several ways:

  • Seamless supply utilization data transfer to the hospital’s EHR.
  • Enhanced and simplified perioperative documentation workflows, enabling the nurse to focus on patient care.
  • Optimized revenue cycle management and supply chain revenue.
  • Full and accurate consumption data for more informed inventory management and healthcare planning, as well as improved patient safety and regulatory compliance.


Shlomo Matityaho, IDENTI’s founder and CEO, commented on the EPIC integration,

“Our integration with Epic is a key element of our strategy to seamlessly align with existing hospital IT systems, ensuring a smooth implementation process. As a market leader in health information technology and electronic health records, Epic sets high standards. We take pride in the fact that ‘Snap&Go’ now enhances Epic’s supply documentation functionality.”


Here’s a link to our press release.

If you’re using EPIC EHR and are looking for quicker, smoother supply utilization in operating rooms and procedural areas, contact us to find out more about how Snap&Go can boost EPIC’s supply documentation capabilities.



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