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EPIC software now integrates with Snap&Go for enhanced surgical documentation capabilities at the point of care.

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  • FAQ on the EPIC- Snap&Go integration
  • The benefit of EPIC EHR integration
  • The EPIC add-on that enhances surgical supply documentation


Modern healthcare demands integrated systems where data can be seamlessly shared. Systems that facilitate efficient data exchange can improve clinical and operational workflows, and ultimately enhance healthcare performance and patient care.

We’re excited to announce that ‘Snap&Go‘ now fully integrates with EPIC. When Snap&Go is used as an EPIC add-on it enhances the EHR system’s capabilities for recording implant consumption at the point of use.

EHR integration with Snap&Go provides EPIC customers with full vision of OR utilization.

IDENTI Medical now has full interoperability and integration with both EPIC and Cerner – having been recognized as Cerner-certified last year. Let’s take a closer look at why having seamless connectivity to EHR systems like EPIC, (the most widely used EHR system in the U.S.), and Cerner (the second most popular system) provides enhanced data collection and documentation capabilities.

Here are some FAQ’s around the new EPIC/Snap&Go integration.


FAQ on EPIC integration with Snap&Go point of use solution for implant documentation


What is EPIC EHR?

EPIC is a global provider of healthcare information technology. Their electronic health records (EHR) system is used by healthcare organizations for the digital management of patient information, including medical history, medications, surgical records and treatment plans.


What is Snap&Go point of use supply documentation system?

Snap&Go’s unique use of image recognition and AI technology allows nurses to easily capture comprehensive details of the products consumed during surgery in just 3 seconds, with full item and charge capture then populating the patient file.

The seamless interface with EPIC significantly reduces the administrative burden on nurses by streamlining perioperative documentation workflows while ensuring complete and correct surgical supply utilization records. ‘Snap&Go’ was awarded Vizient’s Innovative Technology Designation Award in 2023.

Key features of ‘Snap&Go’ computer vision sensor:

  • Seamless supply utilization data transfer to the hospital’s EHR – for 100% reporting and charge capture.
  • Simplified and automated perioperative documentation workflows, enabling the nurse to focus on patient care.
  • Audit-proof implant documentation and full UDI compliance,
  • Optimized revenue cycle management and supply chain revenue.
  • Full and accurate consumption data for more informed inventory management, healthcare planning, as well as improved patient safety and regulatory compliance.


What is EPIC integration?

Epic integration refers to the seamless connection between ‘Snap&Go’ and Epic’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. This collaboration is vital as it allows healthcare professionals to capture and integrate point-of-use data swiftly, enhancing the overall efficiency of perioperative workflows. Epic integration ensures that the critical information captured by ‘Snap&Go’ seamlessly becomes a part of the comprehensive patient health record, promoting accuracy and completeness in medical documentation.

How does Snap&Go seamlessly integrate with EPIC?

‘Snap&Go’ integrates with Epic through a robust interoperability framework. Leveraging advanced technology, the integration ensures that data captured by ‘Snap&Go’ seamlessly flows into Epic’s EHR system. This connection is established in real-time, facilitating instant updates to patient records and supply utilization information. The seamless integration between ‘Snap&Go’ and Epic is designed to replace the need for any manual data entry, and in doing so reduces the risk of errors and omissions, ultimately enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of healthcare documentation.

How is security ensured when data is shared

In order to integrate with EPIC, software providers need to demonstrate compliance with various standards and protocols, such as HL7, which is a global standard for the transfer of clinical and administrative health data between applications. IDENTI maintains the highest standards of data security and compliance with healthcare privacy regulations.

Why is Snap&Go integration valuable for EPIC customers?

The integration of Snap&Go’s managing software, the IDENTIPlatform, with the EPIC EHR system, delivers enhanced data collection capabilities on the medical devices, implants and consumables used in surgery. The system is able to record full details of items that nurses typically struggle to document – such as substitutes and bill-only items.

The system also tackles the issue of local item masters struggling to remain up to date with dynamic product coding. Snap&Go’s managing software provides access to a global SKU database for swift item identification. Machine learning algorithms also fix data errors and gaps, ensuring complete and correct data is not only saved in the EHR, but is also given to the provider so that they can maintain their local item master.

Why is ‘Snap&Go’ needed for surgical supply documentation?

Manual processes and traditional technology, such as barcode scanning, are time-consuming to use and often result in data errors and gaps. Snap&Go is a specialist point-of-use surgical supply documentation system and uses unique computer vision and AI technology to achieve full item and charge capture directly into the patient file. Using this new computer vision technology for surgical utilization enhances patient data management and streamlines once convoluted workflows.

What is the benefit of Snap&Go integration with EPIC EHR?

There are two areas of improvement – perioperative workflows and surgical supply data collection.

  • Snap&Go eliminates the need for any manual data entry – it accurately tracks full supply utilization in surgery, including vendor-owned items such as bill-only products. This full automation of the perioperative documentation process reduces the risk of errors and improves workflow efficiency. When using Snap&Go, nurses spend less time on manual documentation tasks, allowing them to allocate more time to direct patient care.
  • When systems are integrated that means that data silos are avoided, and system information can be shared with other systems, enhancing the data available for healthcare management and decision making. When comprehensive data is collected and collated, healthcare providers can use this vital business intelligence to improve clinical and operational efficiency, as well as drive through cost savings. Snap&Go’s AI managing software uses AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to generate meaningful data insights.


Nurse uses Snap&Go to record implant consumption in the operatingroom (OR)
Nurse uses Snap&Go to record implant consumption in the operating room (OR)


Snap&Go – the EPIC add-on providers need at the point of care

Snap&Go is a groundbreaking solution that combines the power of image recognition and artificial intelligence (AI), to streamline data capture, providing a quick and accurate means of recording product consumption during surgeries. This cutting edge technology replaces outdated and inefficient barcode scanning systems and manual data input.

The integration of Snap&Go with EPIC marks a significant stride towards optimizing perioperative workflows, offering healthcare providers a comprehensive solution that not only captures crucial data at the point of use, but seamlessly integrates it into the patient health record, as well as with other core software, such as the ERP and MMIS.

Benefits of Epic Integration

The integration of ‘Snap&Go’ with Epic EHR opens up many benefits to healthcare organizations:

Streamlined Workflows: ‘Snap&Go’ speeds up the surgical utilization data capture process to a mere 3 seconds per product, while ensuring accurate documentation of product consumption during surgeries. This not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the risk of errors.

Patient Safety: Nurses and healthcare staff experience a reduction in perioperative documentation burdens, allowing them to focus more on patient care. In addition, pre-consumption safety alerts prevent ‘never events’.

Optimized Revenue: Snap&Go achieves 100% charge capture for every billable item, ensuring the timely submission of correct medical billing for reimbursement, reducing delays and declines.

Enhanced Data Visibility: The integration ensures that the full details of products consumed during surgery are captured in hospital systems, facilitating efficient workflows and providing management with improved visibility and data insights.

Improved Supply Utilization Records: By enhancing EPIC’s capabilities for recording implant consumption at the point of use, ‘Snap&Go’ contributes to the creation of complete and correct surgical supply utilization records. This is crucial for informed inventory management in healthcare organizations and supports demand-driven procurement.


Snap&Go seamlessly integrates within procedure rooms for enhanced EHR functionality


The power of EPIC-Snap&Go integration

The collaboration between ‘Snap&Go’ and EPIC offers an enhanced solution that combines the robust features of a leading EHR platform with the groundbreaking innovation of Snap&Go. The integration of these two systems achieves optimized perioperative supply documentation, streamined workflows and improved patient care.

As the journey towards mainstreaming ‘Snap&Go’ in operating rooms and procedural areas continues, the collaboration with Epic positions IDENTI at the forefront of healthcare technology. The enhanced capabilities for recording implant consumption at the point of use not only contribute to improved perioperative workflows but also pave the way for more comprehensive and accurate patient health records.

The integration between ‘Snap&Go’ and Epic reshapes the landscape of healthcare documentation technology.

Contact us for more information on how Snap&Go can support enhanced EHR surgical supply documentation.



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