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IDENTI’s healthcare inventory management software has been recognized by Cerner for its seamlessly integration with their EHR technology.

This article looks at IDENTI’s certification by Cerner and what it means for hospitals looking to enhance their medical data sensing capabilities.


Healthcare organizations using Cerner technology can now confidently enhance their inventory management system with IDENTI’s specialist range of data sensing tools, which are designed to capture data in the most challenging of environments, the OR and procedure room.

Cerner Certification - EHR integration
Cerner Certification – EHR integration

Cerner Certification proves that IDENTI’s software is fully compatible with Cerner applications and operating systems, ensuring swift and simple interoperability. This valuable certification gives healthcare providers assurance that IDENTI’s products have easy interoperability with Cerner’s EHR, and won’t result in data silos.

The IDENTIPlatform

The IDENTIPlatform is AI-powered managing software that supports IDENTI’s suite of medical data sensing solutions. IDENTI is the only company delivering solutions for multiple types of inventory under a single cloud platform. That means that one platform manages inventory such as:



The IDENTIPlatform has been assessed by Cerner to ensure that it integrates well with their technology. The verification process checked that data captured via IDENTI’s line of solutions can be seamlessly shared with Cerner’s EHR.

The process of obtaining Cerner certification involved the thorough evaluation and vetting of the IDENTIPlatform. IDENTI’s software was tested to ensure that it is fully compatible with Cerner products and performs all required functions within their applications.


IDENTIPlatform: Real-Time Dashboard Metrics. Reports. Data Insights
IDENTIPlatform: Real-Time Dashboard Metrics. Reports. Data Insights

Cerner’s mission and ethos

Cerner works at the intersection between healthcare and technology, connecting clinical, financial and operational areas in order to support more informed decision-making. Cerner states that,

“It’s our mission to relentlessly seek breakthrough innovation that will

Shape the healthcare of tomorrow.”


Cerner works with leading technology companies across the globe, and IDENI Medical is proud to be one of their chosen partners.

Just like IDENTI, Cerner is keen to achieve a win-win with every new customer – ensuring that clinicians have the information they need to provide top quality care, while management have the data they need to make better decisions.


Cerner + IDENTI = Success

The most successful healthcare organizations base their decisions on full and accurate data. Let us plug your surgical data gaps with our innovative data sensing tools.

If your healthcare provider has an Oracle Cerner EHR – reach out to IDENTI and we can discuss solutions that will tackle your data gaps.


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