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IDENTI Medical works across the globe and collaborates with some amazing companies.

Promedeo is our French partner, and they recently made an important announcement relating to bringing IDENTI’s cutting-edge healthcare solutions to more hospitals and healthcare providers in the French market.

Promedeo works with UniHA, a French purchasing group made up of healthcare providers.

Read on to find out more about the announcement!

Our French partner, Promedeo, recently announced that they won several four-year tenders with the Union des Hôpitaux pour les Achats (UniHA), a co-operative of French public hospital buyers, that works in close collaboration with suppliers.


Background on UniHA

UniHA was created by the hospitals themselves – 32 university hospitals and 20 hospitals.

The aim of the organization is to pool together healthcare purchasing, expertise and skills for enhanced healthcare supply chain management.

The combined power of healthcare organizations coming together to create a supply chain partnership can:


Providers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce procurement costs, and joining a co-operative purchasing group has been a successful model across the globe. The initiative is gaining popularity and this can only improve the strength and buying power of the individual healthcare organization members.

In 2023 the UniHA cooperative included 1,359 establishments and 123 regional hospital groups, known locally as Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire (GHTs), It has now become one of Europe’s leading healthcare buyers and is one of the leading national buyers across all industries.

UniHA is convinced that purchasing is one of the strategic levers that supports hospital efficiency and the delivery of high-quality care.

Medical supply procurement has the power to impact hospital margins when it’s done right.

Successful UniHA Tender Announcement from our French partner, Promedeo










Promedeo provides innovative logistics solutions for French healthcare providers and works with local healthcare organizations to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their inventory management.

Promedeo partners with IDENTI Medical to ensure French providers have access to breakthrough technology that solves common supply chain challenges.


Details of the Tenders Won

At the end of last year, Promedeo submitted and won several tenders relating to the provision of technology that improves the logistical management of medical devices in operating theatres and intervention rooms.

Following the successful tender application, Promedeo is now providing the following IDENTI products through the UniHA hospital purchasing centre:



Benefit to UniHA Customers

UNiHA customers will now be able to access cutting edge hospital supply chain solutions designed, developed and produced by Promedeo’s partner, IDENTI Medical.

The successful bid brings unique products into easy reach of UniHA’s French hospital and healthcare customers, for example:


Snap&Go is a point-of-use system for perioperative supply documentation that uses innovative image recognition, AI and machine learning technology, and delivering 100% item and charge capture in 3 seconds!  This breakthrough tech results in a labor-lite documentation task for nurses, plus full data integrity in operating rooms and procedural spaces, allowing management to finally gain full inventory vision in surgical spaces.

Operating Room
Snap&Go 100% item and charge capture in 3 seconds – straight to the EHR.















IDENTI also brings a new-tech approach to managing bulk supplies.

The Wireless Weight-Based Bin  is an individual PAR bin with an integrated digital scale and screen, that monitors its own stock and auto-replenishes.

Weight based PAR has now been set free from bulky units, for easy, flexible placement in your nursing unit storerooms or surgical spaces.


Wireless PAR Weighing Bin for autonomous supply management











The leveraging of new technology has the power to reduce labor, improve precision management of supplies, and ensure the healthcare management have real-time and accurate data to use for the their healthcare delivery.


Congratulations to Promedeo, on the announcement of their successful UniHA tender.

We look forward to working alongside our partner, Promedeo, to help more French healthcare providers to solve their supply chain challenges.

Reach out if you want further information on our products, or need help to solve perioperative supply chain challenges.

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