How to avoid ‘Never Events’ in healthcare

True to their name, ‘Never events’ should never happen – and in recent years technology has played a major role in boosting patient safety in hospitals.

This blog looks at:

  • Healthcare technology to tackle ‘never events’
  • A video looking at prevening never events in healthcare.

Nurses will do everything they can to avoid ‘Never Events’ in the healthcare setting.

Patient safety is every nurse’s ultimate goal, so any action that ends up being detrimental to a patient’s health is a catastrophe. Especially if the event was preventable.

The easiest way to avoid Never Events in hospitals and ASCs is to take precautions to prevent them from happening in the first place.

POU tools that tackle Never Events

IDENTI provides tools designed for the healthcare setting, that leverage technology to boost patient safety and lower the risk posed by hospital medical inventory.

Our point of care tools and AI-powered management system provide a safety net for circulating nurses.

Nurses need the right resources to relieve them of supply chain administrative duties and focus on patients, giving them complete faith that every item is expiry and recall checked prior to consumption, and that case charting will be complete and accurate.

This video takes a look at never events in healthcare, seeing nurses as the last line of defense in the surgery setting, with a high responsibility for patience safety at the point of care.

It looks at the patient safety fears that nurses commonly have and how the right POU data capture tool can take the pressure off them, minimizing the risk of never events in healthcare caused by the consumption of unvalidated inventory. 

This video is based on our ebook on never events in healthcare


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Never events in healthcare video

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