Date:    Thursday, August 17th, 2023         Time:  11.00 am – 11:45 (EST)

This webinar is intended for healthcare executives, perioperative leaders, and supply chain directors who are interested in learning how to maximize revenue and reduce costs with image recognition sensing technology for complete usage-capture in OR and procedural rooms.

The fact is that many healthcare providers struggle to achieve complete and correct utilization data in the complex surgical environment. Traditional systems and tools, such as barcode scanners, have many limitations that affect the facility’s ability to make efficient financial and operational processes. It’s time for a new approach – image recognition and AI technology turn item capture into a simple task and ensure decision-makers have full visibility when making decisions.

This webinar looks at how image recognition and AI technology are transforming healthcare management.

In the webinar, we look at:

  • The importance of OR documentation for effective healthcare management.
  • The current utilization challenges are faced by many providers.
  • How AI and image recognition technology can be used to improve data capture in the OR.
  • A live demo of Snap & Go – a brand new, ‘image to data’ technology.”

Your hosts are Shlomo Matityaho, a global health-tech leader, and Bill Dwyer, a specialist in optimizing healthcare performance. 

Join us for an exciting webinar to learn the role of new technology is playing in achieving 100% item and charge capture at the point of use!


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