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IDENTI to partner with B. Braun Medical Inc. for automated suture management in their operating rooms.

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IDENTI Medical will provide B. Braun with automated systems for managing surgical sutures in operating rooms.

As part of an agreement with B. Braun Medical Inc., the German medical equipment and pharmaceutical giant, IDENTI Medical will provide patented technology systems that integrate cloud software services for unique and complex management of their surgical sutures inventory. B. Braun has announced that it intends to integrate IDENTI systems into their business model, providing them to the Company’s largest customers with high transaction value.

B. Braun recently announced through its logistics division Sterilog, the acquisition of 20 IDENTI Kanban & PAR RFID-based systems for automated management and re-order of medical supplies.

The purchase includes approximately 2,000 restock tags of IDENTI’s patented “push-button” technology. The unique systems, valued at $90,000, are destined for 20 operating and procedural rooms in two of the largest and busiest hospitals in Germany. B. Braun considers this an integral part of their business model going forward and will continue to provide Kanban & PAR systems to their larger customers with extensive activity.

Smart Weighing Bin
Smart Weighing Bin

The chosen solution is part of IDENTI’s Kanban & PAR system family of automated inventory management systems. RFID tags, or in their trade name StockPicks, record with a simple click every time an item is taken. When the remaining quantity reaches a pre-defined amount, the system autonomously produces a re-order and sends it via a direct cloud-based interface to B. Braun. Stocks are replenished in a short time ensuring easy and efficient management for hospitals with inventory always available at the point of use. IDENTI’s Kanban & PAR digital solution replaces a complex logistical process that was taxing financial and manpower resources both on the part of the hospital and B. Braun.

Shlomo Matityahu, CEO of IDENTI: “Medical sutures are some of the most widely used items in the hospital and are required in every surgery. The cost of a single suture can be as high as several hundred dollars and is a $3 billion a year market. Inventory shortages and delays along with dealing with product expiration dates can pose a safety hazard to patients and create a serious breach of trust between suppliers and their medical institution customers. The decision to automate the management of this inventory is a smart decision that will strengthen B. Braun in the business arena and help provide premier care to patients.”

B. Braun Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of health solutions. Since its inception in 1839 the company has made a significant contribution to the advancement of medicine with about 5,000 products tailored to a variety of treatment areas, including: abdominal surgery, cardiovascular surgery, blood vessels, neurosurgery, and orthopedics. B. Braun strives to provide the best solution for patients through close collaboration with its customers and ongoing innovation.Kanban and ParKanban and Par

IDENTI Medical Kanban
Kanban&PAR system

Kanban and Par

IDENTI Medical develops healthcare data-sensing solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which collect information on medical devices and implants and narcotics management in operating and procedural rooms thus enabling hospital management and medical equipment manufacturers to make smart administrative decisions. The unique combination of autonomous sensors, IoT technologies, and smart software improves workflows, streamlines inventory management, and enhances patient safety.


Find out about IDENTI’s Kanban&PAR automation solutions to improve the efficiency of your medical supply management.

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