If you were to ask us to tell you about the benefit of our medical device inventory management systems, we could of course throw out lots of facts and figures.

But sometimes, when we drop in on previous customers, we end up hearing feedback that even amazes us!

Cath Lab Installation

Last week we visited a hospital to get an update on how things were going.

We met up with a Senior Cath Lab Nurse, who oversaw the installation of 30 TotalSense Cabinets last year – between them these hold a large volume of medical devices, tissues and implants, which all need to be carefully managed.

TotalSense Smart Cabinet for Medical Devices, Tissues and Implants
TotalSense Smart Cabinet for Medical Devices, Tissues and Implants

The Benefit of TotalSense – smart tissue and implant storage

The TotalSense RFID cabinet is a medical device, tissue and implant tracking tool which gives hospitals real time inventory visibility, manages expiry and recalls, as well as automates restock orders based on usage.

We chatted to staff about life before and after the installation of TotalSense, and they explained the main benefits to the nursing team.

Knowing where to look

The biggest win for this hospital is that they now know where every item of stock is.

In Cath Labs they never know the size of the item they need until the procedure has started.

And then, like a starting gun being shot, the race is on to hunt down the right product in the right size.

TotalSense has made this an easy task.

If they aren’t sure which cabinet to look in, then the mobile app will indicate where to go.

Pinpointing which room, which cabinet. No more running around looking for items!


“Since having the cabinets our lives have been made easier.

It has taken logistic problems out of our daily task list.

Stock is easy to find, even when the pressure is on because the operation has commenced.”


Letting the stock take care of itself

Another time saver for the team was the auto-generation of orders when cabinet stocks were low.


“The cabinet senses when stock items reach minimum point and take care of the order,

which is a great help.”


With such a huge stock on site, spread over different cabinets and across several procedure rooms, IDENTI’s technology keeps an eye on the stock and ensures all items are available when needed.

Expiry Management made easy

Daily reports flag up stock items that are nearing expiry, so that these can be prioritized for usage. If any items are about to expire imminently, then these can be removed to prevent accidental usage.


“It’s a great safety net that takes a worry off our shoulders”


How much time have you saved??

We listened to all the feedback and then asked, “So how much time do you think that the TotalSense Cabinets have saved you?”

The Senior Nurse’s answer blew us away.


TotalSense saves nurses time - 5-6 hours a day!
TotalSense saves nurses time – 5-6 hours a day!


Yes, you read that right:

“In an 8-hour shift, the cabinets have saved 5-6 HOURS A DAY

– time which used to be spent running around finding stock items.”


Wow! That’s 75% of the working day saved!

So, we asked what he did with the extra time, and the answer was simple… HIS REAL JOB!


“This time is now spent focusing on supporting the team and looking after patients.”


Save Time using IDENTI Medical automated data sensing tools
Save Time using IDENTI Medical data sensing tools


It’s great to get out and speak to our customers, and amazing to hear feedback about the impact our technology can have on nursing staff and patients.

Contact Us to understand how TotalSense can save your hospital significant time, resources and money.



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