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This case study looks at the installation of TotalSense in a range of hospitals using Medtronic Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) inventory.

We highlight:

  • The challenges the management team were experiencing in the tracking and management of TAVI inventory.
  • The digital implant management solution they chose to achieve optimal implant tracking at their healthcare customers’ facilities.
  • The impact of the new RFID smart cabinet on the managment of this high value inventory.

The Cardiac and Vascular Group (CVG) of Medtronic Israel needed a reliable, systematic solution that would guarantee that their Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) inventory would always be available to their customers at the right place, and at the right time. IDENTI Medical’s TotalSense UHF-RFID Smart Cabinet is a digital implant management system with integrated AI software which gives CVG a competitive advantage in the market.


The CVG management team was confronted with challenges stemming from insufficient inventory availability and elevated wastage rates attributed to human errors in logistics and shipping. Critical situations, such as urgent transplants and inaccuracies in measurements necessitated a comprehensive inventory on hand and prompted a reevaluation of their current practices. In response, the management team embarked on a mission to find a more robust solution.

Their primary objective was to establish a system that would guarantee a perpetual supply of front-line inventory while actively addressing and minimizing wastage. A crucial aspect of this initiative was to
eliminate protracted debates with hospital billing departments, particularly concerning damaged or expired inventory. The resolution of these billing disputes was vital, not only for financial considerations but also for fostering more optimal and harmonious relationships between purchasers and suppliers.

In essence, the management team sought not only to rectify immediate challenges but also to cultivate a more efficient and collaborative environment within the healthcare supply chain. They felt that digital implant tracking would be an effective solution.


CVG Medtronic made a strategic decision to enhance its operational efficiency by selecting IDENTI Medical’s cutting-edge Smart Cabinet digital implant management solution, complemented by advanced artificial intelligence management software. This transformative solution is currently in the process of implementation across various hospitals, proudly branded under the Medtronic umbrella.

The Smart Cabinet, operating seamlessly within the Medtronic ecosystem, provides an innovative shared platform. This integration ensures that the status of their Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) inventory is consistently visible and accessible to both CVG Medtronic and its healthcare partners. Real-time tracking capabilities empower relevant personnel to monitor the inventory remotely, receiving instantaneous alerts for critical events such as depleted stock, the expiration of items, and the removal of inventory from the smart cabinet—ensuring proactive management of supplies.


Installation of TotalSense RFID Smart Cabinet for the storage of TAVI stock
Installation of TotalSense RFID Smart Cabinet for the storage of TAVI stock


Crucially, the Smart Cabinet offers a robust security framework, requiring access through personalized identification protocols. This not only safeguards the integrity of the inventory but also enhances accountability, by ensuring that every interaction with the cabinet is traceable to a specific individual. This stringent access control mechanism adds an extra layer of security, contributing to a more controlled and regulated inventory management system.

In essence, the deployment of IDENTI Medical’s Smart Cabinet solution represents a forward-thinking approach by CVG Medtronic, not only in streamlining inventory management but also in fostering transparency, accountability, and efficiency across the healthcare supply chain.

Medtronic & IDENTI Medical TotalSense UHF RFID Smart Cabinet system has been deployed in most of Medtronic’s cardiovascular customers’ facilities throughout Israel.

The solution has greatly changed operational processes around the management of TAVI inventory.

“Post-installation, Medtronic reps and hospital staff express confidence in perpetual inventory availability, witnessing a substantial decrease in urgent deliveries and zero incidents of
expired inventory. Full documentation and transparency resulted in a 30% reduction in billing time, while increased consumption of CVG products highlights customer satisfaction and supply line efficiencies with the new system.”

RESULTS of digital implant management

Since the successful installation of IDENTI Medical’s Smart Cabinet solution at various hospitals, Medtronic representatives and hospital staff have expressed a newfound confidence in the consistent availability of inventory.

  • Medtronic’s sales team has reported a substantial reduction in the frequency of urgent deliveries, signaling a notable enhancement in inventory management efficiency. Moreover, the implementation of the Smart Cabinet has resulted in a remarkable achievement — the reduction of expired inventory to zero. During the same period, no instances of missing inventory were reported, underscoring the heightened accuracy and accountability afforded by the advanced tracking and management features of the solution.
  • A significant achievement stemming from the enhanced documentation and transparency facilitated by the Smart Cabinet is the 30% reduction in billing time. The streamlined communication and real-time visibility into inventory levels have expedited the billing process, positively impacting operational efficiency and financial workflows.
  • Notably, Medtronic has reported a noteworthy increase in the consumption of its CVG products compared to leading competitors in the category. This upswing is attributed to heightened customer satisfaction resulting from the seamless supply line efficiencies and operational improvements achieved with the new Smart Cabinet system.


The positive feedback and increased consumption highlight the tangible benefits derived from the implementation of advanced technology in inventory management, solidifying Medtronic’s commitment to delivering excellence in healthcare solutions.

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