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Struggling with inaccurate or incomplete inventory data in your OR or procedural areas?

If you feel like your RFID cabinets are letting you down, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

While older RFID systems might leave you frustrated, next-level UHF RFID is delivering real-time, accurate implant tracking – read on to find out more.

Disappointed by inadequate RFID technology when managing your healthcare inventory?

⚠ Maybe your smart cabinet isn’t so clever and reads items located outside the cabinet?

⚠ Perhaps it can’t sense items that have been stored in the “wrong” position?

⚠ Maybe it misses items that are “hidden” behind others?

⚠ Most likely it isn’t capturing full UDI data of every implant.


Partial inventory vision and lack of stock control is costing providers dearly. While old RFID systems have many areas of inefficiency, we’re here to tell you that RFID’s not dead, so don’t write off the entire technology just yet!

Advanced UHF RFID fixes all these common weaknesses and triumphs as inventory tracking technology in OR and procedural areas.

So, let’s look at how UHF RFID provides next-level inventory management systems for accurate, real-time stock visibility and control.

Did smart cabinets just get smarter?

UHF RFID Inventory Management

UHF RFID is the next-generation of RFID technology. It is more efficient stock data collection tool, providing enhanced inventory tracking capabilities.

Here’s why UHF elevates RFID inventory management:

🔹 Say goodbye to partial data: UHF RFID provides more accurate reads, regardless of an implant’s placement within the cabinet. It only collects data on items stored inside the cabinet, however close other implants may be located in the room.

🔹 Speed up your processes: Traditional RFID often lags in read speed. UHF boasts lightning-fast reads, delivering real-time inventory updates for more precise implant tracking and real-time stock visibility.

🔹 Expand your visibility: UHF RFID delivers a significantly extended read range compared to older systems, allowing items situated further from the reader to be tracked.

🔹 Unlock a wealth of data: UHF RFID packs a bigger data punch. It stores additional details about each implant, with data such as lot number and expiry date being captured, ensuring full UDI compliance and greater stock control.


UFH RFID technology is the new upgrade you need for smart cabinet management. It’s time to update old RFID hardware with new, improved tech.

Next-Gen Medical Device Inventory Management

Suitable for both bought stock or consignment, IDENTI’s UHF RFID cabinet provides 24/7 stock management and full inventory insight of medical devices, tissue and implants.


TotalSense UHF RFID Smart Cabinet for surgical implant tracking
TotalSense UHF RFID Smart Cabinet for surgical implant tracking

Take a look at what UHF RFID technology delivers in our TotalSense smart cabinet – it’s the winning combination of advanced RFID technology powered by AI managing software.

👉 More power, more capacity: Contains additional antennae compared to regular cabinets, and has larger internal capacity for bigger storage volumes.

👉 Fully customizable: Design the internal configuration to suit your stock types – choose any combination of shelving, hooks, drawers, standing space.

👉 Automated restocks: Optimize stock with data-driven procurement and reduced reliance on pricey last-minute orders.

👉 Labor reduction: Give staff the gift of time.

👉 Reduce inventory: 25-40% reduction in inventory

👉 Manage expiry: Put an end to expiry wastage.

Next-generation RFID provides a powerful upgrade for healthcare facilities and has the option of real-time data sharing with supply chain partners – improving trust and transparency, and facilitating more prompt and precise procurement and restocks.

Discover TotalSense for crystal clear visibility and comprehensive inventory control of your high-value items.

Ready to ditch your outdated RFID technology and upgrade to UHF? Contact us to discuss your inventory management challenges.

FAQ: RFID’s Not Dead Yet! Discover UHF RFID

No, UHF RFID is a more advanced version of traditional RFID technology. While regular RFID might struggle with read accuracy, speed, and data capture, UHF RFID boasts significant improvements in all these areas. Smart Cabinets powered by UHF RFID provide real-time inventory visibility, faster stock updates, and capture full UDI data, for complete control of your medical supplies.

There are several benefits of UHF RFID compared to traditional RFID which can really impact on medical device, tissue and implant management for healthcare providers:

  • Accuracy: Reads implants regardless of placement within the cabinet, eliminating false positives from nearby items.
  • Speed: Provides lightning-fast read speeds for real-time inventory updates.
  • Visibility: Extends read range to track items further away from the reader.
  • Data Capture: Captures a wider range of data about each implant, including lot numbers and expiry dates, ensuring UDI compliance.

Operating Rooms (OR) and procedural rooms need to keep tight control of their medical inventory.

UHF RFID streamlines inventory management by:

  • Eliminating manual stock checks: Provides real-time data for instant stock visibility.
  • Reducing errors: Accurate reads prevent misplaced implants and ensure correct stock levels.
  • Optimizing restocking: Data-driven insights help predict stock needs and avoid last-minute orders.
  • Saving staff time: Minimizes time spent searching for missing items.

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