Hadassah Medical Center to deploy IDENTI SmartCabinet Technology

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IDENTI Medical  has been selected, after a long and detailed pilot program, to become sole source provider for Hadassah’s hospital infrastructure solution managing medical devices and implants at both hospital locations. Hadassah conducted a 6-month pilot with full integration to the SAP software at its main OR; managing heart valves and implants. The SmartCabinet technology, cloud server combined with the LogiPlatform have been managing the inventory from the time of its dispatch from the vendor site through the hospital OR; and back to the vendors by sending replenishment orders for consignment stock and regular procured products.

rfid smart cabinet 235x300 - Hadassah Medical Center to deploy LogiTag SmartCabinet TechnologyHeart valve implants are stored in the smart cabinets at the OR clean core supply room. Each item received is enrolled with an RFID tag from the vendor and placed into the cabinets. The system is integrated with SAP, the hospital ERP system; and provides online inventory information including batch ID, serial number, and expiration dates. The IDENTI system provides both vendors and hospital personal real-time online information including inventory levels, replenishment orders, expired items, and reports items to charge capture. IDENTI Smart Cabinet for heart valves extends the value of RFID based SmartCabinet product suite and LogiPlatform to OR and procedural areas. Redesigned from the ground up, the system provides simple, safer clinical workflows centered on the patient and security enhancements that promote narcotics safety and hospital compliance efforts.

Hadassah is one of the leading not for profit private hospitals in Israel. Hadassah’s 850 physicians 1,940 nurses, 1,020 paramedical and support staff work on two medical center hospitals in Israel, with more than 1,000 beds, 31 operating rooms, 9 specially orientated intensive care units and the combined skills of these thousands of healthcare professionals. Every year, Hadassah provides nearly one million people with hospital services. In keeping with worldwide trends, the Hadassah University Medical Center in Israel is moving toward day care and day hospitalization to reduce costs and risk of infection.


In The News

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