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IDENTI Medical Data Sensing provides hospitals with autonomous and automated tools to maximize the business potential of operating rooms while reducing medical risk, by fully collecting data on high-value inventory at the point of use.

The company explains that until the technology they developed, these areas were considered “blind spots” when it came to monitoring the availability and the consumed inventory. “A study conducted shows that hospitals have information on only 48% of the items used during surgery.
As a result, hospitals lose valuable money, fail to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. and exposed themselves to medical malpractice lawsuits due to the use of expiring or recalled products.”

Company founder Shlomo Matityahu explained: “Within four years of establishing the company we have become the eyes and ears of hospital managers and giant companies like Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson, in operating rooms, which until now were considered challenging areas to manage in terms of implants”





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