Teprel, Portugal

What’s inside:

Since 1989, Teprel have shared their knowledge and competence of using medical technology with healthcare providers in Portugal. They focus on Locomotion (Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine), Pelvic Floor Disorders (Urology and Gynaecology), GI motility (Gastrenterology) and Respiration.

Teprel works with a high level of competence in several medical specialties, presenting diagnostic and treatment solutions that meet the clinical needs of health professionals, contributing to improve the wellbeing of their patients.

Now, Teprel is the Portuguese partner of IDENTI MEDICAL, looking to incorporate cutting edge technology into our local healthcare market.



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About the author

Sharona is Marketing and Content Manager, charged with telling the world about IDENTI Medical, and its range of data sensing solutions. Sharona has worked in a range of industry settings, including healthcare organizations and SAAS companies. Sharona is also responsible for organizing network events across the US, creating opportunities for healthcare professionals to meet the team and see our products in action.