Snap&Go Video Short: Charge capture in OR and procedure rooms

Charge capture in OR and procedure rooms underpins optimized hospital revenue and performance.

We look at:

  • OR Revenue in healthcare
  • Surgical data capture challenges in OR and procedure rooms
  • Automated utilization documentation
  • Video short of Snap&Go image recognition sensor’s charge capture capabilities.

OR revenue in healthcare

OR and procedure rooms are the main income generator for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. It’s vital, therefore, that data and charge capture at the point of care is watertight. Sadly, that’s not the case for many healthcare providers, who suffer from clunky workflows, inefficient tools and data leaks at the point of care.

For OR revenue to be optimized, the EHR needs to capture every item consumed, and the charge capture system needs to access this data in order to prepare complete, accurate and timely billing.

Surgical data capture using image recognition and AI

New POU image recognition technology is heralding a new era in surgical data capture, finally providing a solution that works in the complex surgical setting.

Image capture technology replaces inefficient manual data entry and inadequate barcode technology. It makes the task of recording utilization data quick and simple for busy nurses, allowing them to focus on patients, not products.

Surgical charge capture is a key element of hospital revenue cycle management. This key data needs to be available in a timely manner in order to prepare and submit billing and recoup full reimbursement.

Automated product and charge capture in surgery

Snap&Go image recognition technology is powered by AI software which also taps into a global SKU database. This results in automated item identification, independent from the local Item Master. It also means that documentation into the EHR, ERP and MMIS is seamless. ensuring internal operational workflows and run efficiently.

In this video short we highlight the charge capture capabilities of Snap & Go.

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Charge capture in surgery video short

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