New York-Presbyterian Queens Case Study

Case Study

NY Hospital Queens automates medical devices and consumables in Radiology

The challenge

New York Hospital Queens is a 439-bed hospital that is part of the New York Presbyterian Healthcare System. Its various departments, specifically the radiology unit, found it was always in inventory excess or had expired stocks at hand. The main reason was their inventory management system, which relied solely on manual counting.

The mission

Help the hospital manage its inventory of medical devices and consumables, including stents, catheters and filters used within its interventional radiology unit.

The process

The Hospital decided to automate their inventory management system and therefore, turned to IDENTI’s RFID solutions. IDENTI’s team had to evaluate the hospital’s procedures, inventory quantities, staff numbers, and other factors in order to prepare a full turnkey solution. The first step for the hospital was to install (and test) two SmartCabinets and one StockBox solutions in the interventional radiology unit. The SmartCabinet, intended for tracking their high-value and time-sensitive items as implants used during surgical procedures, to capture when products enter and leave its shelves. The StockBox, intended for consumables, such as surgical supplies, that are used only once.

The results

The RFID solutions allow staff members to remove implants or other necessary items from a locked cabinet, and automatically create a digital record of which items have been removed, and by whom. The system also enables the hospital to maintain a record of which items were actually used during a particular procedure, via bar-code scans, linked to existing management software, for the purpose of billing those products to the patient.

“The system provides the added benefit of being able to automatically detect when an item is nearing its expiration date, so that the hospital can more easily ensure that inventory is not overlooked, thus reducing the likelihood of products expiring prior to use. There is great value in that since the hospital had to manually manage expiration dates prior to this installation”.

Jed Golden, Director of Materials Manager


Case Study

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