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IDENTI to provide digital solutions for tracking usage in Hillel Yaffe hospital operating room

IDENTI to provide digital solutions for tracking usage in Hillel Yaffe hospital operating room

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IDENTI, a high-tech company from Netanya, has signed an agreement to provide digital solutions for improving operational processes in Hillel Yaffe hospital’s operating room

As part of the multi-year agreement, the company began providing advanced image recognition systems, under the brand name “Snap & Go“, to digitally document data of medical implants and consumables used in operating rooms. The system replaces traditional methods thus making it easier for medical staff to deal with logistics and administration, allowing them to spend most of their time caring for the patient and improving the treatment experience.
10 units of Snap & Go are added to 22 Smart Cabinet units for managing implantable medical devices and 2 units of Narcotics Cabinets that are deployed throughout the hospital. In fact, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center is the first in Israel to be fully equipped with the company’s products.

Dr. Amnon Ben Moshe, Administrative Director of Hillel-Yaffe Medical Center:

“Hillel Yaffe Medical Center has been working with IDENTI for several years and promotes innovation and efficiency in the field of inventory management, monitoring and control. Snap & Go systems are a breakthrough in the field of inventory control and pricing and will increase patient safety. We, at Hillel Yaffe, are proud to be at the forefront in this area. I would like to thank Mr. Shlomo Matityahu and IDENTI for their cooperation and professional service, and to thank Drora Ben Michael Winker, Vice Administrative Manager, for leading the project in recent years. “
Shlomo Matityahu, CEO and founder of IDENTI: “These days we are revolutionizing operating rooms and procedural rooms. We are proud to install the innovative systems and complete the digital transformation we have begun in the last two years.”

Snap & Go
Snap & Go
Snap & Go
Snap & Go
snap & go
Snap & Go


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