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During Patient Safety Awareness Week 12-19 March 2023, IDENTI went on tour, speaking to nurses at many AORN local chapter events. This blog covers:

  • The AORN chapters visited
  • Nurses speak out about their frustrations charting usage during surgery
  • Nurses react to digital item identification and recording using image recognition technology


Local AORN chapters

IDENTI loves to go on tour and organized a busy week of events for Patient Safety Awareness Week.

We were kindly invited to host AORN events across many different states, and managed to work up a schedule that covered the following local chapters:

  • AORN Long Island
  • AORN New York City
  • AORN Central Illinois
  • AORN Northwest Suburban Chicago
  • AORN SE Wisconsin
  • AORN Kentuckiana
  • AORN Peach State
  • AORN Central Savannah Georgia
  • AORN Gulf Coast


During the meetings we discussed the importance of data integrity at the point of care as a way to enhance patient safety.

The discussion around current practice was interesting and highlighted the difficulties that many nurses face trying to achieve point of use data capture.

Often reporting implants is perceived as a materials management task but this is just one aspect of utilization – reporting implants to the patient chart is 100% a patient safety issue.  And it needs to be accurate.



Nurses discuss surgical data capture difficulties

During the event, and in post-event feedback, nurses spoke out about their frustrations charting usage during surgery.

We learned the top four issues that challenge nurses as they try to record OR utilization.

There are many issues that make surgical documentation difficult – some nurses spoke about system limitations, others found POU data capture tools inefficient. On top of this there is the pressure to focus on the patient and not get distracted by recording clinical data.

Overall, many found the task overly complicated and longwinded with many nurses admitting that not all items get captured during surgery.

A new way to digitally document surgical items

Following on from our discussions we demonstrated ‘Snap & Go‘ which uses image recognition technology to capture all items used in surgery.

Nurses fed back a lot of excitement over the speed and accuracy of surgical documentation using this new technology. See what nurses said about Snap & Go.

Nurses saw for themselves how image recognition technology has turned surgical item capture into a simple task, and the how the use of AI ensures that digital item identification and recording is easily achieved.


If you couldn’t make it to one of our events, to are interested to find out more about Snap & Go, why not look at our video:


Contact us if you want to see how new point of use data capture tool could improve patient safety, charge capture and inventory management in your healthcare organization.

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