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Nurses often struggle to achieve a digital record of usage during surgery.

This blog will:

  • look at a new way to record utilization using image recognition technology
  • share nurse feedback on the new way to report clinical items
  • cover the benefits of using new perioperative software for data capture

In yesterday’s blog we covered the top four frustrations faced by nurses when documenting utilization at the point of care.

Today’s blog will capture the same nurses’ reactions to seeing a brand-new way of recording surgical data, using image-recognition and AI technology.

These nurses regularly experience annoying barriers to surgical documentation. Achieving accurate medical records shouldn’t be such an uphill battle.

We introduced ‘Snap & Go’, a brand-new surgical data capture solution to groups of disheartened nurses – and this blog highlights their feedback after seeing it in action.

Snap & Go: Quick, simple item and charge capture at the point of care
Snap & Go: Quick, simple item and charge capture at the point of care

What‘s different about ‘Snap & Go’ as a surgical data capture tool?

Snap & Go’ provides a quick and easy way for nurses to capture item data at the point of care.

No more relying on inefficient barcode scanning. No more dependence on the hospital’s Item Master. Snap & Go uses image recognition technology to capture every reportable item used in surgery.

Once the image has been captured – which takes 3 seconds! – our powerful AI technology deals with everything else.

The item is identified via a global SKU database – so you are no longer reliant on the system finding a match in the Item Master. All relevant data, including batch number, is then automatically documented in the EMR and ERP.

Clinical reporting and UDI tracking are both achieved in seconds.

That’s a far better outcome with much less effort. What’s not to love?

So, what do a group of nurses who experience surgical data capture challenges on a daily basis think of Snap & Go?

Nurse feedback on Snap & Go

The most common feedback from nurses is surprise over the speed and ease of capturing item data.

Many nurses compare using Snap & Go to scanning an item through a self-checkout at the supermarket.

Another major benefit, according to nurses, is the accuracy of the data captured.


“Such easy and accurate documentation.”

Complete and accurate documentation that improves patent safety.”

“Loved the ease of use. It’s super user friendly and takes the guess work out of

putting in supplies or implants.”


But as you know, it’s not just what you put in, it’s what you get out.

Another winning element of Snap & Go according to our group of nurses, is the easy retrieval of information.


“I liked the precise information storage and easy retrieval.

“It achieves proper identification, documentation, and streamlines the handling of recall notifications.


Here’s a handy summary of the main benefits of Snap &Go according to perioperative nurses:

Snap and go - feedback from nurses on the data capture using computer vision technology
Snap and go – feedback from nurses on data capture using computer vision technology


But more than anything else, we think that one nurse neatly summarized the biggest win for both nurses and healthcare organizations.

It’s something that is so basic, yet so elusive.

When asked what she saw as the main benefit of Snap & Go, one nurse replied,


Actually capturing every item used in a surgical procedure accurately.


Snap & Go makes sure you get the basics right.

The impact of accurate surgical data

Recording clinical information is not just a surgical task. It supports the wider organization.

When you capture full and accurate information at the point of use, all that data feeds into other hospital systems leading to:

  • Enhanced patient safety – full UDI compliance and robust recall management
  • Full charge capture and optimized case revenue
  • Accurate usage data for more informed inventory management
  • Data insights that support better healthcare planning


The only way to ensure the full and accurate documentation of utilization at the point of care is to make it easy.

Check out our video of Snap & Go to see the next generation of point of use data capture.

Contact us to discuss the difference Snap & Go could make in your organization.

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