Comprehensive digital solution for managing valuable medical devices and consignment stock

New generation of RFID technology

Based on the new generation of RFID technology, the SmartCabinet tracks all types of items regardless of their size and positioning.

The only full solution on the market that allows:

  • Complete management for each item, including implants
  • A direct link between manufacturer`s warehouses and point of use
  • 98% Charge Capture

Benefits for

  • Full transition to 100% consignment
  • Full ROI through inventory optimization at the first year
  • Instant notification of item consumption to all supply chain stakeholders
  • Increases patient safety through alerts on expiry dates and stockouts
  • Automatic transfer of item information in patient records
  • Eliminates human and administrative errors
  • Accurate inventory balance – no waste or shortage

Benefits for

  • Full visibility over remote inventory at point-of-use
  • Eliminates manual counting- Less manpower on-site in hospitals
  • Time-to-invoice reduced by 30%
  • Satisfied customers – inventory always available
  • Protect against thefts
  • Maintain profitability on non-common but expensive inventory
Designed to be the optimal method of communicating through the entire supply chain
  • No manual data-entry and no need for a screen mounted on the cabinet
  • Suitable for a large quantity of products- Items can be placed at any angle
  • Restricted access to authorized staff only
  • Complies with EPCIS Standards. Medical Grade, UL, FCC certification
  • Plug-n-play same-day installment of the complete system
  • Track usage trough RFID desktop reader or use Snap & Go image-capture device
  • Made with anti-bacterial materials
How It Works
  • 01

    Each item is marked with an RFID tag with a simple enrollment process

  • 02

    From the moment the item is stored in the Smart Cabinet, it tracks related information of the item – expiration dates, inventory levels, recall, batch no, etc.

  • 03

    Nurse removes an item triggering an automatic report that is sent to all stakeholders. Returning an item also triggers a report.

  • 04

    Nurse reports all items used.

  • 05

    Real-time consumption information is now updated and analyzed in LogiPlatform™ AI management software.

  • 06

    LogiPlatform™ drives relevant information to the hospital EHR/ERP and Supplier ERP systems.

  • 07

    Full consignment is possible with a direct link between manufacturers warehouses and point of use.

Generate insights using
LOGIPLATFORM™ cloud-web server

  • 24/7 customer support!
  • Selective access to modules, reports and data protected by privacy levels
  • Accessible from any browser platform
  • Supports international standards for uniform coding of products (GS1, EPCIS, GYIN)
  • Security – SSL, Encrypted database, Password renewal policy
  • Fully integrates with existing ERP and EHR databases
  • Centralized database for drugs identification
  • On-site inventory count – optimization and analysis reports
  • All cabinets are connected by a single network

Case Studies

A look at how NY Hospital Queens reduced the chance of products expiring prior to use

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