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Manual Implant Sheets Can Go Digital – Learn How

Manual Implant Sheets Can Go Digital – Learn How

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Implant sheet digitalization

In our latest infographic we highlight a new product feature that enables the digital recording of small implants, while allowing nurses to continue using their trusted Implant Sheet!

There has never been a quick and easy way to record smaller consumables, that rely upon manual usage counts during surgery. But there IS now!

Our latest Snap & Go upgrade ‘reads’ your completed Implant Sheets, digitally recording the quantity of each screw and consumable used during surgery.

We give you the best of both worlds – the ability to keep pace with the doctor during surgery, logging every implant manually as it is used, followed by the quick digital capture of your completed sheet.

Get the PDF to find out more and gain live link to the count sheet capture solution.




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Blog, Infographics



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