IDENTI launches award-winning ‘Snap & Go’ and new wireless PAR scale bin at AHRMM22

IDENTI Medical announced the US launch of its patent-protected Snap & Go image recognition technology, which captures, records and bills medical implants and consumables used during surgery. IDENTI was recently presented with the ‘Best New Product Innovation Award 2022’ by Frost & Sullivan.

IDENTI Medical will be at Booth 440 at AHRMM

so don’t miss out on a live demo to see how Snap & Go captures full item data in just 3 seconds!

Snap&Go and Weight-based PAR bin
Snap & Go and Weight-based PAR bin at AHRMM

Snap & Go – the quick way to capture 100% usage at POU

Snap & Go is simple to use during surgery – nurses take a quick image of product packaging and that’s it, Snap & Go does the rest. Using AI technology and machine learning, as well as a global SKU database, Snap & Go documents full medical device and implant usage – including small consumables logged on hand-written count sheets. All items and charges are digitally recorded then shared with hospital ERP and EHR systems.


An end to lost revenue

The benefit is clear: 100% POU item capture closes the supply chain loop and enables the maintenance of a balanced inventory. But more than that, accurate usage data results in complete billing and full reimbursement.


Prestigious Innovation Award

Snap & Go was awarded the 2022 New Product Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan, who commended IDENTI Medical for successfully creating a unique, next-generation turnkey solution to overcome inventory management challenges in ORs.

“We empower hospitals with machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance financial and operational decisions,” says Shlomo Matityaho, CEO of IDENTI. “Snap & Go optimizes inventory supply chains by capturing all information required for operational and clinical purposes.”

Identi Medical Wins the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award for Increasing Inventory Visibility in Operating Rooms Using Image Recognition
Identi Medical Wins the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award for Increasing Inventory Visibility in Operating Rooms Using Image Recognition


Autonomous Weight-Based PAR Bins


Labor-busting Inventory Management

The new IDENTI PAR bin is portable, with in-built weighing scales and a digital display. It links up to a managing system that monitors usage and triggers an automated order when the pre-set PAR level is reached – ensuring a balanced inventory. IDENTI’s smart PAR bin provides real-time visibility of inventory and operates autonomously – with no need for any materials monitoring tasks by logistics or nursing staff.


Kanban & PAR Go Hybrid!

Until now, electronic weight-based PAR bins were clunky wall units that required the whole supplies space to be designed around them. Now, for the first time, IDENTI is giving Logistics staff the ability to design hybrid supplies spaces, made up of a mix of smart inventory solutions. All of IDENTI’s Kanban and PAR solutions are based around individual, portable bins, to optimize shelf space and increase capacity.

“In a recent pilot of IDENTI hybrid Kanban and PAR solutions, the time spent by logistics staff on the department was reduced by more than 50% and took nurses completely out of the process,” says Shlomo Matityaho, CEO of IDENTI. “IDENTI uses RFID, machine learning and A1 technology to optimize the hospital inventory supply chain.”

The autonomous, weight-based PAR bin has burst on to the market, making all the other options look obsolete.

Hybrid Kanban & PAR solution
Hybrid Kanban & PAR solution


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Launching at AHRMM22 : award-winning ‘Snap & Go’ and PAR scale bins

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