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2021 ILAMI Conference – Snap&Go Prevents Future Sentinel Events

2021 ILAMI Conference – Snap&Go Prevents Future Sentinel Events


IDENTI Medical at the Annual Israeli Association of Medical Information Systems Conference

IDENTI Medical was honored to be part of the annual conference of the Israeli Association of Medical Information Systems. In the event, which was attended by hundreds of medical IT professionals, Shlomo Matityahu, CEO & Founder lectured on the tight connection between lack of data and the risk to patient safety, and how promoting innovation in information systems can prevent future sentinel events, such as 2019 breast implants recall case.

2021 ILAMI Conference
IDENTI Medical at 2021 ILAMI Conference

(ILAMI) The Israeli Association for Medical Informatics was founded in 1984, and is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to promoting knowledge, excellence, and development and using of information systems in the health services in Israel. ILAMI is holding an annual conference, which provides its members an arena for presenting activities, ideas and innovations on the one hand and exchange of knowledge and fruitful discussion on the other hand.


Snap and Go Monitors Product Integrity

reduce waste in health care
SNAP and Go safety alerts on recalled and expired products

This year, IDENTI Medical took part in the annual conference and present the image recognition sensor “Snap and Go”: a product identification platform to capture and record medical products in a surgical setting with no human intervention. The image-sensor documents item usage and cost, and monitors product integrity (recall and expiration dates).

During-surgery alerts for recalled or expired items appears on-screen. Full tracking of batch numbers enables patient safety recall management. In real-time and in the future. It then synchronizes the information in existing ERP and EHR systems to comply with FDA’s UDI regulations.

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Olivia Walker is IDENTI’s Global Marketing Director and has a wealth of experience in the healthtech sectorHer innovative marketing strategies have successfully driven IDENTI’s growth in multiple worldwide marketsHer strength is the ability to identify what truly resonates within the industry. She is passionate about building relationships and her expertise lies in creating meaningful partnerships with healthcare providers, distributors, and suppliers.

ILAMI 2021 Annual conference


 Usage capture at point-of-use

Tissue and implant tracking

Medical supplies replenishment

Full control over narcotics and medications


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